Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Weekend Update 11-06-10

Wow, this 3 days of the work week have been busy! I have been spending a lot of time out of the office working from the laptop. I have been too busy to even blog!

Last weekend was a profitable YSLing time!
And my crock pot earned it's keep this past week/weekend.
I made a batch of chili, a batch of chicken taco soup (a hit with the hubs!) and Sunday I made the quintessential crock pot dish- Pot Roast with Vegetables. I made this version. It was yummy! But if you add more veggies, add more broth, steak sauce and seasonings! We had two very good friends of ours over for Sunday lunch and enjoyed much great conversation and they introduced us to a new game that I enjoyed: Ticket to Ride. We played the Europe edition. I am now purposing to have guests to Sunday lunch more often. John and I can think of about 4 or 5 Sunday's worth of guests we'd like to catch up with or get to know better.

Saturday even though it was like 40 degrees when we woke, we decided to go ahead and get our butts out to YSL. We've heard the deals are better in the winter cause not as many people want to get out. But there are still a decent amount of places to go, because some sellers really want to avoid being out in the blistering Florida heat tending their sale for hours. I had a good time. I think I spent about $25 total. Saturday afternoon and evening we did some house chores, a little grocery shopping for Sunday and watched MI 1. I had only seen 3, and since 4 comes out soon hubs thought I should see 1 and 2. I thought the plot line was pretty good and enjoyed it.

 I splurged on this Kathy van Zeeland purse. $10. A little steep for YSL, but I really wanted it. The black fabric has the crown logo woven into it also. The polka-dot scarf with black fringe was 50 cents. The earrings were 25 cents each pair. The diamond flower looking studs are my fave. Real Austrian crystal!

I got 3 tops for a $1.50 each. The one on the left is my favorite. It's from Target originally. Then- the cream pea-style coat on the right, $3 people! I LOVE it! Great condition and from Old Navy.

The dogs got new beds- 2 for $1! But the stinkers have been bunking with us since it's been cold. Spoiled!

This week's resale finds. Toms in great condition, size 10, $2. Coach neck scarf, 25 cents, Costa del Mar sunglasses cases, $1 each. Not yet listed, so we shall see!
The pair of Louis Vuitton shoes I got for $1- they sold for $45! Then the stinkin' bidder didn't pay. I hate that! We have a second chance offer going out to the next-highest bidder. If they take it they'll go for $44.

Then Friday, we had church. It was sooo cold that night! But I did enjoy the chance to wear my skinny jeans, boots and a scarf!
The hubby and I back in the TV room where he lives during church, lol :) My how I love this man!

My sweet momma bought me these lovelies!
So that was the weekend, in reverse : ) 

aaaaaand- sweet hubby is working on paring down the pile of for-sale items that were pretty much taking over our office. This makes me so happy! All the really large items are gone thank goodness! The room still looks a bit like a war zone, but at least an end is in sight! : ) From now on we buy small things : )

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