Monday, June 21, 2010

As i sit here tapping my foot

from the 60oz of water I've consumed while sitting at my desk, which in itself makes one more vulnerable to the effects of fluid intake...

I was thinking today how radically my life has changed in the last 2 years. Moved back to Pensacola after college, been on 3 cruises, started leading a cell group, stopped leading a cell group, started dating, got married, got a new dog, moved to a new house twice, saw the Grand Canyon, made over my finances, paid off a car, started a whole new way of eating. I was thinking how "grown-up" I feel sometimes. Seeing all your friends around you, some a little younger, some a little older getting married, having babies, buying houses. Getting responsible about finances and fitness. I am most proud of the last two :)

So today is day 6 of the 21 induction. Going really well. Curious to see what the scale will say at the end of the 3 weeks. (Rule is not to weight until the end.) I honestly don't feel like I've lost any weight, because they keep you eating all the time. This weekend went really well. We made marathon shopping trips- going to 4 grocery stores to stock our kitchen full of all the healthy veggies and fat and sugar alternatives.We even had to add a shelving unit in the kitchen (since we have microscopic cabinet space). And, it was NOT cheap to buy all this. But some of it is just start up cost.
Saturday night John made some fabulous oven-fried chicken and I made a batch of healthy brownies for dessert. They were quite good and 170 calories each. And literally a miracle is occurring. You know how they say if you eat good for you food all the time eventually you'll start wanting it- well it's true. For the first time ever. Although my palate still has a looong way to go in the veggie department.

Kudos to me (toot toot)... I got up at 5:15 Sunday morning to make healthy biscuits and gravy for John and me. It was okay-ish. Edible, but not so much like the "real" thing.
Sunday afternoon I hustled big time to make a healthy lasagna at a moment's notice. It did taste pretty darn good though. But it was like 2 hours of work.

So, I will definitely post results at the end of our time- July 7.

Oh- did ride with new tires. Was a lot easier but John still goes faster than me :(

John moment- Yesterday at my grandma's the dog jumped into John's arms while he was standing up. A pretty good height for someone only 10 inches at the shoulder. But more importantly John was so excited :) (We have a little problem with Eby favoring me more, even though she was supposed to be mostly John's dog) You should've seen his cute little grin. Like a kid in a candy store.

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