Friday, June 4, 2010

Getting married is not good for the waistline

So, all you other married ladies out there- what say you? Being single, I had always heard the term "fat and happy" said of the newly married. I thought this was because newlyweds ate themselves silly love each other so much they feel comfortable to gain a little weight. I found this is not true. Somehow, magically, being married adds at least 2% to your body weight. Here John and I are, cooking dinner several meals a week, packing our lunches, and not eating out but maybe once a week, and I GAIN weight? Somehow I thought I would lose! Thankfully my clothes still fit, although all more sungly :(
I am finding exercise hard to fit into our packed schedule. Little did I know getting something more to add in the schedule (our dog) was the answer. Now John is determined to raise her right, so we walk more. And we're getting fired up to bike more now that both bikes are up and running.
We'll also be starting this soon:

It's about Diet-Free Living. I agreed to join John since this is supposed to be about no food restrictions, right combos of food, portion control etc. All the stuff you know to do. But anyway, I am ready to hop off the plump train and at least switch to the "thick" one. :) Being a bridesmaid this fall is great motivation. Also would like to be more svelte for the sis-in-law's nuptials.

In more somber news- I guess I don't need to worry about being beach ready since our shores are being invaded by oil as we speak. So sad :( It's so hard that no one seems to be able to do anything to stop it. I will greatly miss clear cool water on a hot day :(
Tomorrow we join other newlywed couples in our church for a boating and pool day. May be our last time to enjoy saltwater/inland water for a long time...


  1. oh seriously! the sassers jumped right in that fat and happy train! haha- In fact- we just made a pact last night that after this weekend (our 6 month anniversary) we are hitting the gym and throwing out the junk. Time to take control! hahaha

  2. cat- just reading this. lol. we have reformed our entire kitchen as of this weekend. it was NOT cheap! and we had to add a shelving unit. BUT- i feel proud of myself as i chop away at pounds of veggies for freezing :) made some yummy good for you brownies with cane juice crystals and applesauce. so far- i dont even feel like we changed our eating or that we should be losing weight since we eat constantly! its just what we eat and the portions that changed. day 6 of 21, and i highly recommend it! :)


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