Monday, June 7, 2010

Just another Mundane Monday

It's not really busy, so I couldn't put manic. But I am your typical mourner of Mondays. I am always so sad to see the end of a weekend. Specifically, sad to leave my hubby at home and head off to work. Oh how I wish I too were off on Monday, and that we could spend the day together, just us. But John commands me to my job ("You'll love me a lot less if we're living under a bridge.") So here I am.
We did have a very busy weekend, which seems to be the norm. Friday night was church, which was really John and I sitting in the TV control room in the back while he directed one camera operator and tried to hone his directing skills. Oh my how things look/seem different when you are just watching on a TV screen.
Saturday brought a whole day of socializing. Saturday morning we joined 4 other couples to go boating. Which turned into just one short boat ride because of some nasty nasty weather. Then a teaching on breaking generational curses by the group leader. It was nice to get to know the other couples more.
Saturday night brought a dinner party with the Lugones. These people were brave enough to host dinner for like 20 people with a day's notice. WOW! We had some delicious baked ziti and lots of laughs.
Sunday brought my 1/2 single day :) Nothing too special about that. But then Sunday evening we had the Lugones over to our house for dinner. Also more great conversation and getting to know.
I am always so sad to see these times end. :( But John says they must so the weekend can come again. Stupid glass-half-full. :)

My John moment for this blog- where I'm going to start posting a few of the silly things John (or John and I) do behind closed doors:
Last night after company left John was laying on the bean bag. I came over to tackle him and he was like "Don't, I'm so full I might vomit." He then proceeded to fake vomit on me. A really good impression actually. He even forced hot air out so I felt like something was hitting me. It was pretty realistic and gross. He then says, "I'm a great fake vomiter babe." and keeps doing it, over and over. I tried to return the favor, but alas, it appears I'm a horrible fake vomiter. I guess you just have to be okay with failure sometimes. Lol.

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  1. fake vomiting was a talent i'm pretty sure john perfected early in life. admittedly the "fake" nosebleeds were even more impressive. i'm just jealous bc i was never good @ that stuff. hugs-sis


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