Monday, June 28, 2010

Hard day

Sunday afternoon was not the easiest. Mainly because although we had followed our plan, everything we'd eaten was low calorie. So I started wanting peanut butter and chocolate, badly. My sweet husband was so perceptive. I was just lying there listless and he asked "Having a hard day?" Yeah, I definitely was. He promptly fixed me a nice large glass of water, because we were both not anywhere near our quota for the day. He was hungry too.
So for dinner he fixed me a nice substantial meal- turkey burgers with American cheese- no bun, a baked potato and salad. Felt much better after that.

I also made a discovery this weekend- we stayed at my mom's Saturday night through Sunday afternoon because she is out of town long-term and her house is 2 min from John's work (our church). Anyway, she has cable. The archenemy of healthy food choices I discovered. I don't do too bad in my little cable-free-eating-at-home environment. But all the commercials and food programs really started to get to me. John really enjoyed watching some TV and I fit in a few shows I like myself, but overall I am really glad we don't have cable at home. I also felt highly unproductive and slob-like from 5-6 hours of the boob tube.

Saturday was spend in domestication :) Sweeping, vacuuming, changing sheets, laundry, ironing, cleaning the car. These days make me feel accomplished.
This week I am starting to prepare for the big "move" next week. We'll be spending from Friday or Saturday to Thursday at my mom's because our church is having a conference which John will be pretty busy with. This way he can just walk home when he has free time. The only thing that is such a big deal for this is planning out a menu to ensure we stay on track. And that means pre-cooking and dragging a lot of food supplies with us, not to mention clothing, toiletries and pet essentials. I hope to do this all Friday afternoon.

John Moment- John reads this blog- so I threatened him the other day- "You better stop this or it's going in the blog." And as promised, it is: I was standing in the laundry room folding clothes and John walked in. Then, he stopped stone still and then stared ahead like a mannequin. Every few seconds he would take a step or two, robot-like, still staring straight ahead. Since I am used to this sort of "creativity" I just started trying to make him dance around the room with me to a song I was singing. It was like dancing with a post :) So, I quit and went back to my laundry. Tin-man maintained his stance. Then as I turned my back to grab more clothes from the dryer, he pounced, doing the "ahhh" scream you do when jumping out at people. He was like "Were you scared babe, were you?" Goodness that boy is so silly :) I love him.


  1. I do think you were act like you saw me standing there....but I don't think so

  2. weird/silly laundry note: my husband once used his head to stack my clean panties as they were coming out of the dryer. by the end he had quite a hat on. he then proceeded to wear the hat until he had put everything else up and i had laughed hard enough to suit him.

    that was prob our first few months of living together. now panties-hat only appears sporadically but it still kills me! : ) hugs-hw


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