Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The puppy

So I realized my blog is so boring compared to some. I don't jazz it up with colorful fonts and cool pictures. I vow to change that... a little anyway.
Last night John and I were watching Dog Whisperer on Netflix- and Eby jumped up on the sofa and curled right up in my lap...sigh. It was too sweet. Wish I would've had a camera. it was especially sweet because although cute, Eby doesn't initiate affection all that much. She'll accept it, she just still seems a little stand-offish to us.I guess it's good to have a dog that's not too needy, but I'm not accustomed to it. My only other dog was very attached to me. Even though Eby doesn't always wanna be right up in our business- she sure doesn't want us to leave! Oh how she howls, barks, makes noise and sounds so pitiful. I asked our upstairs neighbor if she's loud the whole time we're gone, "Sometimes, but I think it's cute," was her reply. Oh no! I am so glad we have a nice upstairs neighbor. Anyway, I think Eby still has a bit of a "stray" mentality. A little afraid to get too attached, but doesn't want to be alone. Eventually she'll figure out she gets to stay. Who knows what happened to her before we had her.

Sunday morning I did get some Eby love:
Isn't she a cutie patootie? If you can kinda tell her paw in on my chest too.
This is pretty much Eby's favorite place to be:

Oh how that little girl LOVES a bed :)
Spoiled rotten!

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