Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Birthday/Holiday weekend

Hi to all my (3) bloggy friends. Lol :)

So this weekend was really nice. But I've eaten so much I felt like I had a "food baby" all weekend. Sometimes I wish I were my dog and my food was doled out to me in such I way that I was forced to eat a certain amount of certain things. Lol.
The hubs was too sweet for the day. I got 4 cards altogether throughout the day, 1 from the "dog" and 3 from him. A sweet one finished it off that made me cry. And he thought of a really unique gift. He's heard me say several times that I wish we would've gotten to taste the other 2 layers of our wedding cake, so he had our baker re-create it, plus 1 new flavor. They looked great. And I now have 25 lbs of cake at my house. Lol.
Well I was going to put pics in here, but my flash drive is being dumb. I'll have to add them later.

I ate fabulous pizza Friday night thanks to mi momma. Mellow Mushroom was delish with hubs, mom and BFF. Mom got me a great seat for my new bike, so now I can ride without feeling like I'm sitting on a seat made for a barbie doll :) This girl's bootay needs some support! And a 3-bike car rack is on it's way. The hubs and I plan on trying a 15 mile trail in Milton. We did test out the bike Saturday. The seat is so much better. We decided to try and take the pooch along. Not the greatest plan at noon in the deep south. Poor thing looked like she would pass out. She only made it about a mile before we had to take her home. Then we continued on without her. Stopped at a kid's park where John pushed me on the swings, and I was still able to accomplish a simple flip on the high bar :) Go me. 26 and still can :) Not that it was a pretty sight at all :)
Saturday night brought dinner with a good friend and meeting a new friend of hers. Great girl chat into the wee hours. Sunday was church where I now feel really single sometimes. The hubs now directs the TV show from a room behind the sanctuary. I can't see him at all :( Oh well. Sunday mornings are just my "play the single" time. Sunday night was an engagement party for a good friend and then staying up til like 11:30 steam cleaning my furniture in preparation for company Monday night. It's been on my wishlist to clean it.

Monday- BBQ with the fam. Yummy food. Then Prince of Persia movie which I rather enjoyed, then the girls watched The Pianist (edited version) while the guys played each other in some computer war game and got way too competitive as usual. Fell in to bed at midnight. Man was it hard to get up for work today.

So how does 26 feel? Feels about the same as 25 so far. Except that now I have a wonderful hubby to share my days with. I love you babe!

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