Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Le Day of Love 2011

So this year was my first married Valentine's Day. I lurrrved it!

I kinda started on the weekend, by giving John cards Saturday night- Monday night. I like to stretch out every holiday : )

Monday morning started earlier for hubby- as he agreed to get up and eat the breakfast I made.
I believe he said "Are you kidding me?"

Yum Yum. Bacon, cheese eggs, banana muffins and Ovaltine
Then at work these lovelies arrived for me. So pretty.
Took the pic at home though

That afternoon I got off work a couple hours early so I could have time to primp, and so we could beat the mad rush to the restaurant. I used hot rollers for my hair- but my hair is going through curl rebellion lately- so it quickly fell out to this:
Shows the highlights hubby helped me do quite well though

Underneath I had on a red cotton dress and black boots
We had a wonderfully yummy dinner at a restaurant right on the beach. It's fairly new and we hadn't tried it yet. We got there about 5:45 and still had to wait about 20-30 minutes. But there were pretty views to be had while we waited.
Sunset as we drove to dinner

Ready for yummy!

View from the outside bar area

Waiting for our table

Smoochie smoochie


View from the other side of the restaurant
They were serving a Valentine's special that night. It sounded pretty good except the lobster macaroni, which could kill John : ) So we opted for something off the regular menu. You should have seen how huge my dish was in person!
Crispy pork shank with braised cabbage

John's Cowgirl Ribeye
I got a little bored while we waited for dinner. We were seated facing a floor-to-ceiling window looking out over the water. But unfortunately it was dark so you could not really see out. I wondered if the cute reflection we could see of ourselves would show up on camera. Guess what, it does!

How sweet is love!

Here's the results of our cards. We like to do more than one : )

The ones on the left are to John from me. The ones on the right are the reverse : ) John even included a card from the kids to me (the puppy one).
The card he sent with the flowers read: You will always be my Valentine. I love you more then ever. Misspell included on purpose. That's how I know it's from my adorable yet spelling impaired husband : )

John Moment: The Homer Simpson card was slid under the bathroom door as I was getting ready. It's somewhat of an inside joke. You see, my manly husband has an *intense* dislike of even the thought of anyone knowing what he's doing in the bathroom. And he doesn't want to even hear me tinkle either. If I need toilet paper, he opens the door the tiniest amount possible and shoves his hand in with his eyes closed. He would like to pretend that no one potties : ) Although he doesn't mind talking about his bathroom habits. Anyway. The Homer card talks about when people are together long enough, they get comfortable. On the inside is a view of Homer's backside (clothed) standing just inside a door. It has sound and says "I'm wizzin' with the door open, and I'm lovin' it" Lol. John wrote "Not this year, but maybe next!" Too funny that man!

So here's to hoping everyone else had a lovely Love Day too!


  1. That john moment made me laugh because bobby decided to use the restroom with the door open ON OUR WEDDING NIGHT! I informed him that I didn't want to experience that with him and his reply was "but we're married"- as if that meant that now-we should obviously take the bathroom door off all together. LOL


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