Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend Update in Pictures

The DH had outpatient shoulder surgery

In his gigantic immobilizer sling
He's spent a lot of time in drug induced sleep. Thank the Lord!

The kiddos have been keeping him company some

I'm watchin' you dad
Gettin ready to take off the dressing
Bye bye pain pump. Pills only now.

Such teeny tiny incisions!

A bit pasty after that ordeal. Came close to puking.
 So Friday was a big day for us. We had to be up by 4:45 in order to give John his 2nd special antiseptic shower and be to the hospital for 6am. Poor DH was more than a bit nervous. He has never been under general anesthesia and is very needle-phobic. However, his nurse Roxanne was really great. She's an old pro and kept chatting and sharing to keep his mind off what was coming. They gave him a Valium for the nervousness, but all it really did was make him sleepy. So after a lot of questions and paperwork, it was time for the IV. Just in time, the surgeon came in to visit. So John had to talk to him while the IV was being done, which helped. The Lidocaine numbing and the great skills of our nurse also helped.

John was so pitifully sweet during the whole ordeal. He kept asking all of the staff's names and telling them thank you. Genuine thank you's. I know they do not get this a lot and I was so proud of him. His surgeon is also a Christian, so John asked him to pray with us before he was taken in. During the prayer my poor DH shed a few tears. That was very emotional and hard to see. I knew this surgery was very routine and low-risk, but in that moment I could not help but feel a little anxious too. As they wheeled him out of the room I got a little misty myself.

But, about 30 minutes after I had been in the waiting room they let me know the surgery had started and all was going well. So I walked over to the cafeteria and had a delicious hot breakfast including some wonderful cheese grits.

After several shows on Food Network, some texting, facebook updates and phone calls, the surgeon finally walked through the doors. Everything went fine. In fact, his shoulder was only torn in 2 places instead of 3 as they thought. They removed a "wad" of scar tissue that was probably causing all the aches.

Then about 90 minutes later I was able to see him again. He did well in recovery, he's done pretty well at home (pain is expected, but he's dealing well), and he's even done well out and about. However, I am very sad about returning to work tomorrow. There's a lot of things I prefer to help my one-armed man with that he'll have to handle alone. Like cutting food. And getting his sling on and off. And hooking up his ice pack. And scratching all the places that are itchy that he can't reach. And giving him all the kisses he's been asking for. Oh how can I leave him?

Anyway, I guess we will have to see how it goes. I may have to take some more time off, for my own mental comfort.

And my mom adopted a dog! To go with her new house that's being built :) Welcome 3yo mini Schnauzer "Graycie"


  1. Ohhhh, poor John! I didn't know he was having surgery! I've been so comment MIA lately...

  2. Well, I don't think I posted to much beforehand, if at all :) You're not too MIA, it was only 6 days ago :)

    How's the internet situation going?


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