Wednesday, February 23, 2011

So What Wednesday 02/23/11

Today I say so what if...

I sobbed the night before my first day back at work after John's surgery. I just love being at home with him. And it's especially hard for me when he gets to be at home but I have to be at work. And when I find notes like this when I wake up:

Kindergartener-esque writing thanks to using his left hand :)

I ate cereal at 5am, but then potatoes, cheese grits, OJ, a sausage biscuit and lemon layer cake at 8:30am. It was so tasty and gave me something to do besides sit in the waiting room during the surgery.

I've bought 68 pounds of ice since Friday. Who knew John's polar pack used so much?!

I try to comfort with food. I'm a Southern woman :) That's why there was king cake, ice cream, soda, starburst and hugs for my baby. You're supposed to get what you want while you recover :)

I wanna be Susie Homemaker and sometimes I get pretty emotional that right now I can't be. It must be something God intended for me to do if I desire it so much.

We have the pace of snails on our walks right now. I don't mind spending extra time just talking with my husband and stopping for smooches in the middle of the street.

I feel like my legs are as ghastly white right now. My hubby loves me too much to let me go to the tanning bed, and I've not yet had time for the beach. I'll just have to spray something on or deal.

If I can't get into the doctor's office for a month for my Lap-Band follow-up care consultation. At least the appt. is made and I'm on my way!

What are you saying "So What" to?
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  1. You have plenty of time to be Susie Homemaker and I have NO DOUBT that you'll be amazing at it!

    I use Jergens tanning lotion on my legs sometime. In about 5 days, I'm pretty happy with my "tan". :)

    Those are the sweetest notes ever. What a good hubs he is writing them in pain!

  2. He is a good hubs! I got some self tanner last night. It's a crime to live in Florida and be this white.

    And can I just say- after reading back through the food list in here- no wonder I've gained 15 pounds. That food list is shaaaaameful!


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