Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So What Wednesday 02/02/11

So what if I've neglected my blog this week? It's my blog! :) But seriously, there's nothing to tell because I was sick this weekend and did nothing exciting.

Ok, well we did take the dogs to the park when I was on meds before I had the wost day of illness. Maybe I'll do a little post on that later.

So what if the headquarters of our company must be consulting with the IRS in writing our new policies. Cause it seems about that nonsensical and impractical. Repeat to yourself "I have a job with benefits."

So what if I miserably fell off the low-carb bandwagon. The hubs and I have decided to cut the grocery budget waaay back in favor of accomplishing the debt-free-by-the-end-of-the-year goal, so I'll be consuming a lot of cheap carbs (rice and beans!) for awhile. And I'm so excited. And so what is the point of continuing the meat-fest?

So what if I wear yoga pants to work. They're black. I wear long shirts. I make sure they're as white dog hair free as possible.

So what if our office is now doomed to be a disaster since we are supposed to be ramping up the eBay business? I can keep the door closed. I can. I can. I can. I must accept others' organization styles. I must I must  I must. : )

So what if my new phone's touch buttons must be pressed 5 times to work whenever it feels like it. I'm saving $30/ month.

So what if a colleague made me wait 90 minutes past scheduled time to present my topic, then told me I had 10 minutes. I took the time I needed anyway.

Ok, I gotta go ya'll! Enjoy my little rants!

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