Friday, February 25, 2011

Food love- Hearty Rice

Ok, this is not a recipe so much as a suggestion for a dish.
I say this because there are no measurements. The amounts are to your liking.

We originally got this recipe when we were doing E-Mealz. They called it "Hearty Rice". It's cheap, quick and easy anytime.

What you need:
Cooked rice
Cooked taco meat
Corn (canned or frozen then heated)

Combine and eat. To me, it's very comfort food-esque. And a little fancier than Ramen :)

I had it for lunch today.
This round we had about 4 cups rice (cooked amount) and it was a mixture of brown and white, made in our "set it and forget it" rice cooker (love it!). I cooked up 2 lbs of meat, mixture of ground beef and ground turkey. I kept it separate because I use onions in my taco meat, which hubby hates. So I made 2 kinds of meat. I usually season mine with a LOT of cumin (love the stuff), chopped onion, salt, pepper, some garlic and chili powder. Or you can use a packet :) This time I used one small bag of frozen super sweet shoepeg corn, which steamed over our rice as it as cooking thanks to the handy insert our cooker came with. I really liked this corn. But I like just about any corn. I would say I put about a cup or cup and a half of shredded cheddar. And about 1 cup of salsa.

More or less of anything as you like it!

That's it! I think a can of beans would also be a nice addition. Basically you just mix it all together and serve. You can sprinkle more cheese on top for presentation. It's definitely not a fancy lookin' dish :)

Add something green (salad, veggie, guacamole) and you're good to go!

Leftovers for lunch
The more I look at it, I guess it's like eating the filling to a beef and rice burrito. Like a step up from Hamburger Helper :) But I like it!

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