Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So What Wednesday 02/16/11

So what...

if my work computer background is a photo of me smooching the hubby? Not too many people see it :)

if I can't sing 1st soprano in the choir. But the director would rather me try and be a bit screechy than to tell me what the parts are for a 2nd soprano. It's his prerogative.

that the girl who used to clean and wash her car fairly regularly has not done so since December. And the gravelly water splashes are really starting to show. And the inside has more crumbs than I would like. I'm too cheap, too unmotivated, and it's too cold! (Although not this week, but I can't do it at night when I'm off!)

if the car described above would be immaculate compared to my husband's. : )

if my gut is in a race to overtake my boobs, and it's a close one. Remember that time I said I did not like myself? Well, this week is better. And I am working on the referrals I need to make. Just waiting to hear back and make a decision.

if my grown husband gets nauseated, anxious, weak and sweaty when even thinking about being poked with a needle. I enjoy being his comfort : )

if I told my hubby not to have his dad come into town for his out patient surgery Friday but to wait til I go back to work. I have this idealistic situation in my head where we spend hours together (even though hubby is drugged) and I lovingly care for my poor invalid.

if I can't remember all the little quotes or actions that happen throughout the week that I say I'm going to blog about, and then forget. I can't be expected to keep up with so much! (But maybe I will try making notes in my phone or something)

Sorry I can't think of much else. As stated above, I forgot them!

What are you saying "So What" to?
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