Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday Thoughts 06-23-11, Moooovin' on up!

Movin' on up, sorta to the East side :)

Today my thoughts are...

MORE SPACE!!!! Yaaaay!

So, the reason we are becoming pet parents/guardians of four is because... we are moving into my mom's brand-spankin' new house! She made us an offer we cannot refuse. Since she is away working right now and may be for some time, she was needing someone to look after the house. And since she's also paying a pretty penny for doggy day-care, she'd really prefer someone live in the house and send her dogs home to live too.

In comes us! :)

We weren't really planning on moving until our lease was up, but after contacting our landlord we found out we could pay a fee to get out of the lease. So after a few months to recoup the lease fee and moving costs, we should be cutting our rent/utilities about in half! And getting much more space, which we really could use!

When mom is home we will all be living in her house she is so graciously sharing with us. Until then we will be happy to break in her new stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and fenced back yard :) Also we'll be able to use 1/2 the garage for eBay storage when she is home and the full garage when she's not. This will really help my sanity, not seeing the 2nd bedroom of our house looking like  a yard sale or thrift store :)

I am scheduled to do the walk-through Friday the 1st and hopefully closing will occur by the following Friday and we'll move in the weekend after that. July is going to be busy busy!

I haven't been able to get inside the house yet to take photos, but here are the ones we take from outside :)

Obviously this is not the house :) But the 2 on the right will be our new "foster" kids :) Should be rowdy :)
Outside! It's a 3/2

Kitchen LOVE!!!! Cannot wait to say goodbye to drip pans!

A ceiling fan to sleep under? Oh yes yes yes!
And today I also smile because it's less than 12 weeks til our cruise!

BTW- If you are local and interested in renting our apartment, let me know! We may get a discount on the cancellation fee if we find suitable renters to replace us.



  1. Congrats! Looks like a win-win situation for everyone!

  2. Happy for you!

    --Bethany K.


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