Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Update 06-25-11

This weekend was mostly spend packing! I am trying to start now (3 weeks ahead of time) so that it doesn't pile up all at once because I really despise the process of moving. I got 7 boxes down so far. And it is nice to "touch" everything you own, it really helps with realizing what you don't need. Especially because everything you keep you have to move. Lol.

Friday- I made the couponing rounds to four stores. And went to the "new" house and took measurements for blinds and such and also took lots and lots of pictures :) That evening we went to a play at our local cultural center.

They put on "The Man Who Came to Dinner." Can I tell you- this play is long! And can I tell you, we were upset with it! We left about 2 hours in when the actors starting letting out expletives! Not appropriate for a "family" theatre. So that was kinda a bummer.

Saturday- we went yardsaling! I got a pair of flats that I didn't photograph :( I took a nap. I spent like 2-3 hours putting my grocery journal into a spreadsheet and also making a spreadsheet for our savings so far. We've saved about $200 or 61% off what our bills would have been without sale shopping. Now I need to work on getting faster at it. John finally got us another grill- it's a propane powered George Foreman. It's also portable which is nice! The flavor is still not quite the same as a traditional gas grill, but it's better than nothing! Now we can get rid of the non-working behemoth and that's one less thing to move :) Saturday we had burgers and corn on the cob, a-la Chef Juan :)

Sunday- the hubs called for a total schedule-free day. We didn't even go to church. We slept in a bit, moved slowly and did what we wanted. I made breakfast, spent about 2 hours in the kitchen making some very tasty cupcakes and packed. And threw out junk. And cleaned. And was very busy honestly. I had another grill meal (super juicy injected chicken) from Chef Juan and collapsed into a hot bath. And gave myself a mani pedi in the tub.

Mom ordered a fridge this week. She had really wanted a french-door style but with only 36 inches of width to work with it was getting tough. It was either sacrifice some food-storage space or get a bigger side-by-side. So we'll be getting this puppy delivered July 9.
Ooh- and mom is also getting this for the back porch. So excited!

Please excuse the picture quality. Couldn't find a large stock photo. Now should we get it in tan, red or green?

I don't like the packing and hauling of moving, but I do like the end result! Getting excited!


  1. Exciting stuff is happening for you!!

  2. Yes, the PLT shows do tend to go long. And bad language too?! We saw the Madeline show last Christmas and all loved it. Not too long, simple, but a cute musical plot.

    Tan for the swing/lounger! It will last longer in the sun. We love ours!

  3. Yes, I think their holiday productions are more family friendly I guess.

    I found out they only have green in our area. Oh well.


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