Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So What! Wednesday 06-30-11

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This week I'm saying So What! to...

  • So what! If I've spent like 3 hours in the last 2 days looking at blinds, calling about blinds, e-mailing about blinds and talking about blinds. Comparison shopping for all the things the new house will need is really getting tedious.
  • So what! If I've spent an equal amount or even more time on Craigslist, in stores and on the internet looking at lawnmowers, trimmers, patio furniture, pet doors, storm doors and compact fluorescent light bulbs. Did I mention tedious?
  • So what! If I usually enjoy shopping but this is starting to feel like a chore. I guess I'm somewhat feeling that way about grocery shopping to now that I coupon. But life goes on.
  • So what! If I've probably eaten 9 cupcakes since Sunday. Wow. Can't believe I told you that. New recipe= complete loss of willpower. But I'm not having any today! Thankfully they are almost gone. I'll post recipe later. They really are tasty!
  • So what! If I broke the footwear dress code at work today. I am in fancy flip flops. Sunday while packing a shelf fell and struck me right on the base of my heel. It hurt so bad! I even have a slight bruise. So right now anything with a back (except tennis shoes) are uncomfortable. Deal with it HQ.
  • So what! If I'm super anxious to start moving stuff to the new house. Right now our house is in an unusual state with the boxes and such everywhere. And the eBay room is getting full again. And the sooner we start the easier it will seem. Lots of little trips rather than 100 boxes at once.
  • So what! If I sometimes admire myself in the mirrored wall in our "Group Fitness" room at the gym. If you are in the back of the room looking at yourself through the mirror on the front wall, it's rather flattering. I don't look as large from farther away :) Plus I'm sure I feel better about myself since I'm exercising while looking. Lol.
Happy Wednesday all! I'm excited about the walk-through this Friday and it can't get here fast enough.

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