Wednesday, June 8, 2011

SO WHAT! Wednesday 06-08-11

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This week I'm feeling SWW. So here goes!

SO WHAT! If I...
  • Am the worst Words With Friends player ever. I don't get any notifications when it's my turn and I often forget to check. Like for 4 days. Thankfully no one I'm playing with seems to mind. Plus I'm getting beat in all of my games. I'm a good speller but apparently not a creative word thinker. Does not help that the hub's family cut their teeth on Scrabble boards and they knew every 2 and 3 letter word in the dictionary. Lol!
  • Purposefully have "messy" hair today. Last night it was too late to go through the blow-dry routine (which doesn't look good the next morning anyway) so I just piled my hair in clumps on my head using clips and let it dry overnight as I slept. This morning I have wavy "beach" hair. But an office mate said it works for me :) So I might do this more often. I think it's easier on my hair than the constant heat styling.
  • Was "stank" last night after kickboxing. At least I burned some calories. And it was fixed with a shower before bed instead of the usual morning one. I had to. It was that bad.
  • I have tried 3 or 4 times to win tickets to a local concert but have failed each time. Why can't I seem to be the 5th caller!!! I've gotten 2, 3 and 6. But not 5!
  • I forgot to pay our rent this month. Didn't remember til we got a letter in our door. Whoops! At least they didn't charge a late fee.
  • Am going to go to a second Walgreens because the first one was out of their 50 cent chicken broth. I'm trying out some couponing and that means working harder for deals.
  • Don't understand people who coupon for stuff they don't need or want. I understand they donate things sometimes. But to me that's a fair amount of work for something you don't need or want for your family. Pouring over ads, clipping, printing, researching, shopping at likely more than 1 store. It's a lot!
Happy Hump Day Ya'll!


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