Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Update 06-11-11

Happy Monday all!
This weekend was lovely.

Friday after work I took a nap. Then the hubby and I headed off to the dog park with the kiddos again. It was fun and unexpected. What did we not except? Eby to get attacked my a full grown male Boxer. As we entered the park I could see a scuffle going on between this dog and another smaller dog. In that case the victim's owner took his dog and left. No blood or anything. Another owner told us the Boxer had initiated it. These things happen, so we were just careful not to let our dogs play around him (especially since Ernie barks ferociously at large dogs). Thankfully a well-behaved but playful Chocolate Lab showed up and he and the Boxer made friends. Well, Eby was standing near the shore (where they were playing) and all of the sudden the Boxer just pounces on her. She was not challenging or barking or anything. He was nipping at her neck and had her flipped on her back in the sand. John ran over and gave the assailant a swift kick in the ribs and he backed off as his owner was coming to claim him. Thankfully Eby was not really hurt. She had one microscopic scrape on her cheek but was just shaken. Poor thing was covered in sand and looking very pitiful. Someone at the park told the Boxer family they needed to leave, and they did. I think they did ask if Eby was ok. Anyway, all is well now.
After that we went on enjoying ourselves and even took the kids to dinner with us. We ate on the sidewalk of a downtown cafe (our favorite Greek place) and I have to admit I felt pretty cultured to have the poochies with us :) They actually did pretty well.
Ernie the boss trying to harass a big dog :) A muzzled big dog!

Joining in the fun

Speed demon!

Getting some love from dad

Eby getting the sand wiped off her. She looks pitiful in this pic!

Resting with dad after. Looking so silly with that big tongue hanging out!
Cuddles with dad

Saturday I did not go yard-saling because my surprise from hubby was that he bought me a ticket to a couponing seminar! I had been wanting to go but did not want to spend the money. I had a wonderful and informative time. It's a bit overwhelming, all the info. I don't know if I have the time and I know I don't have the space to be anywhere near "extreme", but it's a start. I am getting the hang of putting it into practice and started my grocery journal Sunday night.
For the afternoon and evening I took a wonderful relaxing head-clearing solitary trip to the library and beach. It was warm but with a nice breeze. I clocked 2.33 miles along the shoreline too! Hubby was having the guys over so I steered clear of the house until about 9pm.
Lovely walk at sunset

This is that "messy beach hair" I was talking about before. And my top was strapless, just to be clear :)

Sunday we went to church and then to lunch with a friend. Had another short nap. Went to CVS. Worked on my coupon homework and on our budget. I've also started a new book that I'm very in to so I read that until much too late :)


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