Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday Thoughts 06-16-11

Ok so I am not sure I can write unless I get the "to-do" list out of my head. So you get to hear that first:
Make tabs for coupon filer and file clipped coupons
Get a system for storing weekly ad flyers
Print coupons for this week
Stop by Publix to pick up some groceries and some flyers
Get father's day cards and mail- ASAP!
Clean my house- sweep and mop, clean bathroom sink, mirror, toilet and tub, vacuum bedroom. Get rest of eBay stuff into the office. Shake rugs, dust, change sheets, laundry take out bathroom and bedroom trashes.
PURGE! Get rid of extra stuff. Let go of some clothes, shoes, purses and accessories. And some linens.
Put recipes into a smaller binder- use the bigger on for coupon flyers.
Change/download photos into the MyPictures folder at work so my screen saver is not so weird

Okay, now that's out of the way. What are my thoughts this week? It has been a pretty good week. I got a glowing annual review at work, had a very energetic Zumba class, my ladies' small group and a nice evening out.

This week I am trying to let go of a little of my expectations for cleanliness. Lol, this probably does not sound great. But if I don't, I may go crazy. With two people, two dogs and a business all trying to share a 2/1 833sf apartment it's getting a little cramped. Try grocery stockpiling in that space!
John pulled everything out of our office into the living room and kitchen for few days so he could get oranized (again) in the office :) It is a perpetual battle keeping everything in its place. Of course I am sure it is one that almost all are faced with. But some do fight the battle more intensely than others :)

I want to go through and purge everything we don't use. But I just feel like as soon as I do we will move and I will want those things back because I will have room for them. I could probably fill 4 boxes with just the extra kitchen and decorative stuff I don't have a place for right now. But I have collected all this stuff for cheap and I just know if I get rid of it I will need it and then have to replace it. What if I can't get if for cheap again?

The things in my kitchen that I currently store but don't really use: nice stainless steel fondue set ($10), toaster oven ($15) glass cake stand (wedding gift) glass tiered stand (wedding gift) 4 or 5 serving platters of different sizes (gifts or dirt cheap), plastic water pitchers/juice carafes ($3) and a small assortment of baking pans that are not often used. How can I get rid of that stuff? When I can use it I am sure glad to have it.

I also have a jewelry armoire and I probably only use 1/4 of the items in it. But once again, when I want to wear that certain necklace once a year, it is nice to have it.

Then there's all the incidentals like overflow beauty and health supplies, sewing kit, craft pail, gift wrap bag, and of course 3 memory boxes. Some extra linen and pillows for guests, beach gear, camping gear, luggage, dog supplies and some seasonal sports stuff (like ski clothes that were last used 5 years ago but would be expensive to replace) and the rarely used roller blades. Let's not forget car care supplies, pest control, tools, painting supplies, games, DVD's and books. Then the seasonal decorations, which have been forced into mom's storage unit.
It makes me wonder how it all fits even now.
I'm starting to think rather than purging, I just really need more space.

What do people with small spaces do? Buy new Christmas decorations every year? I'm open to advice.


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  1. I don't have a small space but in our house we have virtually no storage. We have unfortunately had to use our back porch as storage for and used the closet that was originally made for the washer and dryer with the water heater in it as a storage closet it holds just our Christmas decorations we have just combined and eliminated a lot.


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