Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend Update 06-04-11

I write to you from a lazy Sunday afternoon :)

Friday I worked my half day then hit the gym. I did 25 minutes on the treadmill and about 230 crunches total. I also found a new love- Wii boxing. If you do the movements instead of just flicking your wrist, you will break a sweat! It's also great for stress relief to knock your opponent out!!! After two sessions and about 8 opponents i finally got knocked out myself. I am working my way to the "pro" level but taking a break so I can be at my best next time around. My arms and shoulderblades are sore!!! Friday after John got home we went to the beach for a couple hours in the late afternoon. Then we came home and cleaned up for our first "couponing" trip to Publix. We decided to try out E-Mealz again for a while so we needed to get our supplies for the week and I also wanted to try and use coupons on their BOGO items like I see some couponers talk about. We aren't used to the store layout so we wandered a bit, but I did save $5.50 with my coupons, so it's a small start!

Saturday we got up super early to use a Groupon to eat breakfast before YSLing. The breakfast was decent. It's a small local joint but I would put the fare with that of Waffle House. We were only out a few hours because John used up all his money quickly :) There were a couple we went to that I would have liked to browse longer through the clothes, but my taskmaster said we didn't have time :) So I got a few random things:
Bib necklace, 50 cents. "School marm" booties for this fall, $1. Juicy Pear Jelly Belly candle that smells amazing, 50 cents. Marley and Me hardback, $2. Raising Helen DVD, $2. Funky polka dot vase, 50 cents.
I got these last week, wall candle sconces. Like $3.
Rockin the new bling on Sunday

We got done so early because John spent almost all he had left to his name at an estate sale where I found a box of brand new Mary Kay. We got it for $1 each. Hopefully it will bring in several hundred dollars!
and I got to keep some that aren't selling! Yay!
After being up so early and in the heat for awhile, we came home and I took a blissful 2.5 hour nap! After that I went to a girl's night at a friend's house. So fun!

Sunday we went to church, watched "Singin' In the Rain", played Wii and made dinner. In fact John is gone to get dinner ingredients (Publix fish counter was closed when we went) as we speak. So the kiddos are here helping me blog.
Notice his paw on my mousepad
One random- I finally experimented with collages in Picasa. Look at my lovely new desktop!

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend!! I love the paw on the dog constantly does that and one of these days an incomplete post is going to be published!! :)


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