Friday, August 19, 2011

Consignment Firsts

So my mom is going through her closets and ruthlessly purging perfectly good, stylish, nice trendy clothes. I am very sad I'm too chunky for them :(
But, she also wants nothing more to do with them and was just going to donate them all. And as the pile of beautiful clothing grew, I just knew they had to be too good for a thrift store. Surely I can make a little pocket change off these babies.

So I decided to try consigning. Well, blow my down. I was not prepared for how hoity-toity these places can be. I did not know I would need to provide my own hangers, that all clothing must be on hangers and completely wrinkle-free and that there are like 30 different brands they don't accept!
Anything from Wal-Mart, Payless or K-Mart is excluded. I can kind of understand that. But even some Target brands are excluded! No Izaac Mizrahi for Target??? Sheesh! To me it's not the brand that matters so much as the style and condition of the clothes. Which of course, according to their list, must also be impeccable! I'm starting to feel my clothes won't pass inspection, even after I buy 25 cheap hangers just to be able to take them in.

There's a less stuffy place, but they too require hangers. So since there's no chance I'll be dropping stuff off today as hoped, I figure I might as well try the uppity place first. I mean, that should mean I'll get more money too, right?

Maybe some of you have consigned and have advice?

I'll let you know how it goes after...


  1. I'm curious to hear the follow up to this. I've never consigned before because I like my money now. Is there a resale store that buys your clothes right then. We have a chain of stores that does, but I'm not sure how far south they go. It's called Clothes Mentor and is a very nice women's resale store. I've had very good luck with them in the past. It's part of the Once Upon A Child chain. Good luck!

  2. I'm consigning the kids clothes through lullabies and mudpies. On their website they have a list of rules I have to follow. Granted I have to do all the work, but I get to set the prices. I also get 70% of the proceeds. Which is pretty good. I tried consigning the kids clothes at lollipops in pace. They set the prices & I only get 50% proceeds. I like lullabies better. If you're looking to sell Walmart, target or kmart brands they accept them for teens. You could try it;)

  3. Sometimes donating works better at tax time...less work and helping others at the same time. (I did consignments but later gave up...more work than it was worth.) That's just me, though!?


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