Wednesday, August 10, 2011

SO WHAT! Wednesday 8-10-11

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This week I'm saying so what if...

  • I've slept 7 hours since 7am today. I've been battling a sinus cold since last Friday and today it caught up with me.
  • I took a Melatonin at 6:30 this morning just so I could sleep in late. I knew my body needed it and I also know my circadian rhythms would likely not allow me to sleep past 8.
  • I did not take a shower until 4 or 5 pm today.
  • I've discovered a new ice cream flavor favorite. Publix brand New York Cherry Cheesecake. It's cheesecake ice cream with a cherry swirl and graham cracker crust bits. It's really yummy. So now I love mint chocolate chip, cherry cheesecake and gold medal (from Baskin Robbins).
  • I spent a little extra to get a nicer laptop. Since I've kept this one for 5 years and would likely do the same with the next, we thought it best to get something pretty up to date. And of course good lookin' :) Can't wait for my Sony Vaio to arrive!
  • I'm a little peeved that I did not get a shipping notification from Amazon today on said Vaio. It better come tomorrow!
  • Our mail lady probably thinks I'm a total slob. She showed up to pick up some of our shipping just as I was getting up (11am) and I was not expecting her since I'm not usually home. Remember how I did not shower til 5? Yeah, I looked a hot mess in my green carebear t-shirt and grey Seminole stretchy shorts, hair not combed and also greasy and teeth not brushed. Oh well. I told her I was sick. Which probably made her want to throw down the packages I handed her. Lol
  • I just realized this is my first SWW in a month! And the last one I was in such a hurry I didn't even bother to paste the button! It's been a busy month!
Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Feel Better! Love the house -- you have been busy!


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