Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday Thoughts 08-18-11 Re-do

Ok so there's no way I'm going to make this one as detailed. I don't have it in me to type that much twice.

Today I was at a nursing home and overheard a conversation between two staff members. An aide was telling the maintenance man about her good friend who buys $200 worth of food stamps for $100 from another man. Total fraud. Then the aide was saying that she gets $490 a month in food stamps and her sister-in-law gets $480/mo in food stamps. The maintenance guy said "I should apply". The aide told him he would be denied because he has a job. Um, excuse me! Do you not have a job lady??? You are having this conversation at your WORK! It disgusted me to hear about the abuse this system gets. That's our money people! To me food stamps should operate like WIC. No cash value. You can just purchase the approved foods with a voucher. No returns for cash. I discussed this with a co-worker and the conversation became very inflammatory. She believes the people should be able to choose their foods just like everyone else. I think if you want to buy frozen pizza, Doritos or steaks than you need to pay cash. I feel government-supplied food should be the most economical nutritionally sound basics and nothing more. I don't care if that makes me sound like a right-wing freak. I really don't. This country simply cannot afford to pay for chicken wings and ice cream for people. I would not expect it myself. If I were on public assistance I would expect the very basic. I don't have the money to buy steaks and I certainly don't feel like paying for someone else to have them. I know there are people who really need them and I don't begrudge them that. I just think there's a much better way to administer the program and cut-down on abuse.

In a 180-

I've deemed Cinnamon Toast Crunch my favorite cereal. Peanut Butter Captain Crunch is my second favorite. Too bad they are poison basically. But they taste sooo good. I cannot buy them often. It's hard with the plethora of BOGO cereal deals each week!

I am really thankful for my ladies group and my Sunday school group. I learn a lot from them. The ladies help me deal with my selfishness. And to learn to trust God. To take it one day at a time and trust Him. Only he knows the future. And He has a reason for not showing us everything at once. We think we can handle it but we probably can't. It's just day-by-day, one foot in front of the other. I really need reminding of this since I have a very big tendency to be impatient.
Right now in Sunday school we are going over relationships. Last meeting we talked about the top 5 needs of men and women. I knew almost all for the men. I've read quite a bit since I was pretty concerned about having a healthy marriage. BUT- it reminded me to put into practice what I know!

I've been thinking about our friends who moved overseas a lot. I wonder how life will be for them and what their thoughts and feelings will be about it all. I know "T" is excited to have her own place and be a SAHM, although it's happening under radically different circumstances than she ever imagined. I wonder if I would be ready to accept radically different lifestyle in order to be a SAHM. In my head I think I am. But what if it meant being really poor? Would I really be ready for that?

I'm going to highlight my hair tonight. Mi amor is my assitant! He's helped pull my hair through the cap several times before. It has always turned out good, even impressing my hairdresser. Since I'm getting a trim this weekend and going on vacay soon, I thought it was time to spruce it up. I've been letting it heal and being kind to it since it went through a lot this last year. But I'm feeling the color is a little blah. It just needs a tad more blonde.

Well, that's all I have time to share at the moment. I know my thoughts are soooo weird interesting, but I must go!


  1. Good stuff! I'm still mad about Paragraph 2, also!! Ugh!

  2. I think WIC style checks are a brilliant idea! And I want to see pictures of your highlights!


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