Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Update 08-20-11

So this weekend was not terribly eventful, but we were busy!

Friday mom and I traipsed all over town looking for new bedroom furniture for her. We were just about to drive an hour away to get what she wanted when she found the perfect set in town. Thank you Craigslist. It was from a small warehouse dealer so all the markup and overhead was eliminated. I realized once we were there that it's the same person I got my set from 6 years ago, just in a different location! Then the hubby and I ate pizza and watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2. Yeah, we're nerds like that. It was cute.

Saturday I went with the hubby yard saling. I had not been in QUITE some time. I did not get much. I got 3 nice ties, 2 to give away and one to keep, a lamp base and some hangers. I got a little more than enough hangers for all those consignment clothes for 35 cents. So that was nice.
We left the house at 7 and did not get home til about noon. Then after some cooling off and lunch, mom and I went and picked up her furniture. The rest of the afternoon was odds and ends. I finally showered :) Then John and I went on a "date" to Publix. :) As a treat we came home and had grilled burgers and seasoned fries. Really tasty.

Sunday we went to church and had lunch with my grandma and mom. Then we piddled for about an hour before getting hair cuts. I just got a trim, nothing major. John had his first professional cut in at least two years. Usually I do it but the salon I go to was having a fundraiser and doing $10 cuts. You can't beat that!!! Then we had another hour to kill before church. I spent it mostly dosing outside on the swing. I needed a nap but didn't get one :(
This was our first time to go to the night service at our church. We went because they were also celebrating our pastor's birthday. It was a good time. I was sad when I realized we will miss the next two Sundays because of some trips. But excited for the trips.

Oh, my hair. After first doing it I kinda was worried. It looked too yellow to me. I had pulled quite a bit of hair through the cap because usually I don't do enough and it's not quite as noticeable as I want. Well this time it was more than I intended. It felt like a big change. But apparently not because no one outside my immediate family noticed until today when my boss did. 

Just a couple photos to share:
From July 4th, old hair color

Just after highlighting

A better contrasting pic of the new hair color

Let's play a game of "spot the dog" Lol
Happy Monday. I'm so ready for a break! :)

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  1. Your hair looks great! And, I did spot the dog, but it took a minute. Cute!


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