Wednesday, August 24, 2011

SO WHAT! Wednesday 08-24-11

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This week I'm saying so what if...
  • I didn't upgrade to expedited processing and delivery for my passport even though it was still "in process" a week before my travel date. Those things are stinkin' expensive enough already! And since it was not essential for our trip. I decided to wait it out. It arrived today! Two days before we depart. Take than "Man" (Stickin' it to The Man)
  • My mom was only home a week. At least I got to see her some. She got another job contract and is off to Maryland. In her new (used) car that she bought the morning she left!
  • We are now in charge of four dogs. One being a precocious puppy. Let the training begin.
  • I feel like I have done nothing at work today and the hours are just crawling by. Our data entry system experienced a "hardware failure" and we are all bored out of our gourds.
  • I feel like climbing the walls because I'm sitting her in laziness when there's so much at home I could be accomplishing. I need to clean for our house-sitter, get the luggage from the attic, make dinner etc...
  • I got ripped off on Amazon. I did get a refund but I am not getting the laptop I really wanted. I guess if the price seems to be too good to be true it is. But at least the lame-o seller won't get any money and will be punished. Unfortunately I've not seen a replacement for the money I wanted to spend. So I'm going for something a little less zippy and a couple hundred bucks cheaper. If I win the auction that is...
  • I made an impulse buy yesterday. It was only $5 and I used my blow money. Welcome this little gem to my collection. I didn't have any "statement" rings...
  • I'm watching some vlogs today of a girl that really kind of annoys me. A friend recommended them. But they are really not my taste. But yet I'm still watching some. I guess what I really don't like is that they are so stinkin' long. Like 15-25 minutes. I can read a post with pictures that tells me the same thing in 1/2 that time. Oh, and she's a bit of an airhead with a "Valley girl" voice. But she's quite popular on Youtube.
  • I just let out a big sigh because I have no idea what else to post. So I'm done. That's what you're getting today.


  1. Since you already have a passport, you should come with us to SE Asia next summer. Just sayin'. :)

  2. vlogs? i haven't heard these. I'm really interested in reading blogs as of lately. Even though I'm only following a couple. Hope you guys have a great vacation:)


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