Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Weekend Update- Debt Free!!!!

So I am in a big time crunch at let me make it quick

This weekend's highlight was talking to Dave Ramsey on his live national radio show!!!
I'm including the audio clip! I tried to embed it here, but don't seem to quite know what I'm doing wrong.

Maybe if you just click here that will work!

Then Saturday we went canoeing with our church. It was a very nice time and good to get to know people more. We took out John's ocean kayak for the first time. He has had it since high school but I've never seen it. It was "borrowed" and not returned for 2+ years. Anyway. We had a nice time.

Then Sunday night we had a dinner/goodbye time for our good friends who are leaving the US for at least two years. They are following God's calling and joining a missionary work in Laos. We are excited for them but very sad to see them go :(


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  1. OMG Congratulations!! I listened to your neat and you have such a sweet voice! So happy for you! (Thanks for your recent comment, too.)


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