Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Update 09-17-11

A good Monday to all my friends! This work week *fingers crossed* is starting out slowly and smoothly. 

The weekend, as usual, passed all too quickly. I even thought it was Sunday when I first woke up this morning. I was pretty bummed when I realized there would be no going back to sleep for awhile :(

Friday John and I went on a date, basically :) Our city hosts and even every so often called Gallery Night. I think I've mentioned it before. But many downtown stores and vendors stay open late. Then additional vendors, civic groups and arts and entertainment groups will come and setup too. They block off portions of the street and everyone just walks around browsing, eating and drinking. This one was especially fun for us. There was an antique car show, the local Jeep club, a drag racer and several new shops that have opened. We now have a doggie boutique and bakery and a few new restaurants. A skin care shop will be opening soon with all handmade lotions, soaps, soaks and such. I picked up a few samples and they smell great. The weather was also very nice so the crowd was pretty large. We ended the night by trying one of the new cafes, Nacho Daddies. They offer fresh Mexican and Mexican-fusion style food. I had "The House" nachos and they were very tasty. I especially liked that it included black beans.

Saturday I was able to pick up a few things while yardsaling. It's been kinds slim pickins for me lately so I was glad to score a few things.
Black velvet flats with bow detail, 50 cents

Canvas tote from Gap, 50 cents, plaid tennis shoe style flats, 50 cents

Lavender "leather" Simply Vera Wang purse, $3
Straw tote, Anthropologie, $1. I tried twice to upload this picture at the correct angle and my phone is being stupid. 
I don't know what I am going to use this for as it's a bit big for a purse, but it was so cute I had to have it.

In the evening we were able to get some friends to help us move our bed, finally! So our bed went into the guest bedroom at my grandma's, the guest bedroom bed went into her bedroom and her bed came to our house. We now have a king! It feels so big. We now have plenty of sleeping room.We stayed up late into the night sharing dinner and good conversation with our moving help.

The monster

I also now have a big design problem to conquer. I've lost my headboard and footboard and my comforter is now too small. I am trying to get new linens, curtains and headboard for under $200.
John and I agreed on bedding at WalMart, ironically, and it was only $50 and surprisingly didn't look horribly cheap. I was surprised he liked it because it was very large bright flowers against a neutral background. The reverse side and the bedskirt were deep hot pink! 
The background appears white online, but it's actually beige. And the pink is not as orange.

John likes bright colors and was willing to go pink to get them! Well, the slot for king size was empty. So I went home and looked online. No king. Called every store in our area. No king. So after about an hour I gave up. Then after about 2.5 hours of internet research I cannot find anything else comparable for close to that price.
I'm headed to Target soon to see some of their things in person. trying to get bright colors without it looking too juvenile is proving harder than I thought. I like some things at Target but they are twice the price and only include the comforter and 2 shams. No sheets, no bedskirt.

I do have an idea for the headboard. I want it to be fabric, with batting and tufted with buttons. It that makes sense. 
Something like this, but maybe not as tall or as many buttons
But first I have to pick linens! Can't get curtains or headboard fabric until I do that. Since our walls are white and we have a lot of space, I am thinking of going with something really bold. Like the headboard being magenta, yellow or some other bright color, in a rich silk-like or taffeta fabric. The second bedding option I'm considering it a grey and white pattern and I would add in colored sheets and accessories. Like yellow, green or orange. 
And I want to do all this for cheap. Because we are not in our long-term living situation yet. 

Sunday we had a great time at church. I love it more each time. After church we were pretty chill. The afternoon was when I did all my bedding research. John watched some sports and Storage Wars and we piddled. We did take a short walk in the evening and that was nice. We prepared for the work week by relaxing in bed with a good book and turning in early.

If you have any cheap-o DIY bedroom tips, feel free to share!

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