Thursday, September 29, 2011

A conversation over the cubicle wall

This happened between a co-worker and I yesterday and I couldn't help but share!

Oh, and this would be one of those times when I do get a tad political :)

Co-worker:  That Susan Sarandon’s something huh? (Said randomly)
Me:  What do you mean? Has she done something lately?
Co-worker:  Oh, no, she’s just always doing stuff and speaking out. She’s got an article speaking out against Wall St. (Article found here)
Me:  Wall St? What did they do?
Co-worker:   Well, getting rich at the expense of the poor and their tactics and all that.
Me:  How is Wall St getting rich at the expense of the poor?
Co-worker:   Well, look at those bank bailouts.
Me:  The government gave the banks bailouts, not Wall St.
Co-worker:   Well, that’s our taxpayer money.
Me:  Well then she should be protesting government, not Wall St.
Co-worker:   She’s just always speaking out for the poor.
Me:  Last I heard, Susan Sarandon was not poor.
Co-worker:   Well I know, but she could be sitting up there in her ivory palace not saying anything (about the so-called great income disparity in this country).
Me:  Well if she feels so bad about it, she should give a big part of her money away.
Co-worker:  I bet she does.
Me:  *Chuckles and shakes head*
Because I know, for certain, that Susan Sarandon is not living anywhere close to the budget my family lives on, and even we are not poor. To us and most of society, we are also not rich. But we have food, shelter, and clothing and are able to pay all of our bills and save. Because we budget. Because we work. Just like Susan Sarandon. I don’t begrudge Susan any of her money, not one bit, nor do I feel she’s obligated to give any of it away.  But it does raise my ire that she would point at others and say they should. Do I believe in giving? Certainly. We give. But I don’t believe in thievery, in taking something that does not belong to you and giving it to another. As Dave said “People praise Robin Hood, but he was a thief!”.

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