Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"Weekend" update 09-24-11

Hi all!

Work has been pretty steady and I've had an obligation each night this week, so sorry I'm late! I even have another event tonight.

This weekend was pretty chill and nice.

Friday we ate Mexican with our friends and then learned how to play Monopoly Deal at their house after. It was a good time and a fun game. I even one a round!

Saturday we did not go yardsaling! Hubby said there wasn't much that looked good and he was behind on listing, so he worked in his office instead. This meant I got things done around the house. In the afternoon I was very brave and hauled all four dogs to the dog beach, alone. This was George's first time to go. It was a bit chaotic at first, but after awhile everyone was having fun. Unfortunately I forgot my phone and did not get any photos :( But really I needed to keep my eyes on them all the whole time anyway and I had my hands full. George took after Ernie in yapping and chasing the big dogs. Thankfully none of them took real offense. Especially since George was almost the smallest dog there and as another owner said "he sounds like he has a squeaky toy stuck in his throat". Lol, his bark is pretty high-pitched.
The ride back from the park was pretty quiet :) Everyone was worn out. And after they all got hosed and scrubbed down in the back yard, they came in and lazed around while enjoying a rawhide :) 

Saturday was also UFC fight night and John and a buddy enjoyed a pay per view of it. I went grocery shopping and also re-did our lamps.

Just a little something to dress them up :)

Sunday we went to Sunday School and Church. We officially became members this week, which really just consisted of the pastor announcing it and then everyone lining up to shake our hands or give a hug to say welcome. It was very personal and sweet.
In the afternoon I accompanied my friend who recently became engaged to look for wedding gowns. It was such a fun time! She really enjoyed herself and loved almost every dress she tried! It made me want to get married all over again (to the same guy). There are so many new and gorgeous styles to try! Her consultant was very unhurried and wanted her to try as many as she liked and to try each silhouette just to make sure. I regret not trying on a few more when I was shopping, although I did and still do absolutely love what I chose. Anyway, the bride to be narrowed it down to three. So we shall see what she decides!

Yesterday I was notified that my bedskirt and curtains came in. I'm very anxious to pick them up! Honestly, I have not had time yet :( I also ordered new drawer hardware. Unfortunately I could not go with pulls because apparently my current ones are not a standard size. So instead I'll be putting a knob in each drill hole. I ordered those Saturday and hope they arrive soon!

John also got me a great gift yesterday while he was out shopping for the business.
Check out this lovely!
I'm not sure what color it looks on your screen, but it's like a dark pumpkin or deep burnt orange color. Perfect for fall!
If the day isn't too crazy, perhaps I'll get a "So What!" post in later...

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  1. Enjoy time for such things now my sweet. I'm lucky to get a meal in in between diapers and work, much less customer drawer pulls. Enjoy the time together. :)



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