Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday Thoughts 09-15-11

Hi all!

It's been a bit since I blogged! Work has been very busy this week. And I just can't seem to fit blogging into those couple of hours I have at home at night!

First, let's talk about nuts...
Oh my! We got these BOGO and used a coupon. Never had them before- they are so tasty! Salty and sweet, they are almost like a dessert! We've gone through 2 cans in like 2 weeks!

And our other nuts...
This little man is losing his today... :) Poor guy

Yesterday John popped in on me at work and brought these:
I was so surprised! I was just as happy to just see him as I was about the flowers! Made my day!

There's something I just don't get. But it's ok since I found out about it after it's all gone apparently:
Missoni (who I had never heard of) is doing a line for Target. But only for a month. Apparently it was like Black Friday madness the day the line premiered. I personally don't care for the hippy-ish chevron design for clothing. But some of the house stuff and accessories looked fun. But from what I understand it was crazy- and that I'll never get. Not worth getting into a fight or getting hurt over STUFF!

I've gone to the gym twice this week! Yay me. I had not been since like early July. And the hubs said he hates paying for it when I don't go. So I guess he can spare me a few nights a week after all!

I've discovered a new "messy' way to wear my hair this week. I dry it scrunchy but then put have of it up. Kind of on top of my head and just secure it with bobby pins. I've gotten several compliments. I love discovering new looks!

The computer drama- that company I was so pleased with. Not so much now. I thought they were above and beyond but they are just average. They would not send me a replacement until my return arrived and then they inspected it. So it took a week to arrive and 2 days for them to inspect the old and ship out a replacement. And now I'll be waiting another week for it to arrive. I am so over my old dinosaur laptop that freezes constantly!!!! It's hard to wait 6 weeks to finally get a laptop when you thought it might take 2! But hopefully deliverance is nigh!

Tomorrow is Friday- do the happy dance!

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