Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Opinions welcome

So after all the bedding drama, I did pick something out. I probably still don't like it quite as much as the original, but that can't be helped right now.

Target's in store selection compared to their online selection was crap. But they did have the inexpensive mix and match set I wanted. So I brought it home to try.

What do you think. I've gotten one positive and one neutral review. The total cost (after I get the bedskirt) will be about $90. So that leaves me $110 for headboard, curtains and maybe accessories?

Here's Target's stock photo
But we want color, so imagine it with yellow sheets and yellow and white shams, something like this:
Definitely not the finished product, but an idea. I didn't want to put on the sheets until I'm sure.
If I don't go with this, my next try would be this set.
I'm so torn. So many things I like, nothing I super love, and price to consider.
What do you think?
Oh. I'm also consider switching out my furniture hardware to update it's look. Right now it's pretty King Louis looking. I thought some sleek modern matte silver/nickel/pewter handles would help modernize it. Especially if I go with very modern bedding. The problem is I'll need 30!

Not exactly modern
Maybe something more like this:
With my crazy headboard similar to this:
Ahh, dreamin'...

Ok so I looked on Overstock.com (thank to Erika for the tip!) and I add a few more for your consideration...
Please ignore the horrific valance

With yellow sheets

It's so hard getting caught up in the stock photos! You have to remember I have cherry furniture, white walls and beige carpet :)


  1. I don't really love either of them to be honest, but that is just my opinion. They aren't ugly by any means, but they just don't scream awesome either.

    Did you look on overstock.com? I was bored and thought before I told you to look on that site, I would check to see if they had something you had described you were intersted in. They have TONS of king size options, but here is one I saw while I was wasting time on the clock - shhhh!

  2. They all are so different. I personally like the Madison Park set with maybe some burgundy sheets!? Or yellow if you prefer...but I'm no expert...lol!!


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