Thursday, September 22, 2011

The bed!

So I just wanted to show you a preview of what the bed might look like.

I just ordered the curtains and bedskirt online. I'm also going to have to figure out some wall decor. But for now, this is how far I've gotten:

I may get the plywood this weekend to start the headboard. That particular project will probably take awhile, because I;ll need to wait for a coupon to purchase the fabric, foam and batting. Then we'll need to find a friend with a jigsaw to be able to put a little bit of a curve onto the top of the headboard. I can't decide if I'll purchase a kit to make fabric covered buttons or just purchase coordinating buttons. I guess it depends on the button selection I find and the cost of each option.

I also have plans to a band of yellow ribbon along the bottom of each curtain panel. I don't know if it will be along the hem or if I'll move it up a few inches. Just to add a touch of yellow. Call me crazy but I plan to try to attach it with double sided tape. So that I can re-purpose the curtains more easily once I get tired of this theme :)

I may use some ribbon along the top, bottom or top and bottom of our lamps. They're an awfully plain white. I'm a big fan of lamps with a design on the inside that really shows off when they are lit. I thought of trying do do that to ours, or even just putting something simple like a W. But my hubby nixed that idea because he's very particular about having bright light when he reads. And the fact that the W would not be centered and fully visible to him when he's in bed reading. I told him he could turn the lamp shade to face him if he wants. Ha! At any rate, I feel they need something.

I am going to look seriously into changing out our furniture hardware. I plan to pick up a sample one tonight. The problem is, I'm not sure if we have standard hardware on their now. It seems the standard spacing is 3". I measured ours from the back and I got 3.25 inches, a size I have not seen anywhere. So I wonder if maybe I just measured incorrectly? So I figured I'd just bring one home to try.

It's rainy here today. And our work database is down. I've done about all I can do without it.
And I also found out I get to leave my house at 5:25 am tomorrow. What fun. I need to take my grandma to a procedure at the hospital.

But at least tomorrow is Friday!

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