Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weekend Update 08-27 and 9-3 2011- Vacay!

So we cruised out, and here's the events, photojournalistic style...

The lighthouse leaving the bay. Not sure how much longer it can stand on that tiny base!

Sailed away with Carnival
And with these lovely friends

Reached Progreso and took a mule-drawn cart ride in Cuzama

Wend down this ladder to reach...

This cenote (spring) in a cave

And this cenote cave has holes in the top (that you walk around to enter it)

The stairs out of another cenote (we went to three)

Spent a lot of time eating, including an "Elegant Night"

Had a cake delivered to our room by accident (it's not our anniversary)

Got dressed up each night to eat more

Rented a Jeep to explore Cozumel (not that we needed to explore too much since it's our 4th time visiting)

Saw gators in the state park
We went snorkeling and saw amazing sea life, but my friend with the waterproof camera has all those photos. You'll see me hold live starfish! And we also saw a giant sea turtle but I didn't have a camera :( He was beautiful and I got about 5 feet away from him.
Then we had lunch at a restaurant that's about to fall in to the ocean. Literally. The walls and ceiling are cracking.

But they do make a mean (virgin) Pina Colada
Just another thing I ate... an ice cream swan
And we bought an overpriced photo from Carnival again. The weirdness in the coloration is from how the scanner copied it
And then we went to Tampa for 4 days. But no one really wanted to take photos. So just got one of John opening his birthday gift. (We celebrated with them early since his birthday is Wednesday)
The cheeseball smile he makes just for me :) He got a Kindle!
On a sad note- my laptop woes continue. I should be posting from a new zippy Sony. I did receive it in the mail the day before I got home from the cruise. I took it to Tampa. I used it once for about 20 minutes and the battery died. I charged it and was going to use it again to show family our cruise pictures. It died while plugged in. And now it will not turn on at all. Nada. Nothing. Zip. It took a lengthy blog post with it :(
Now I await a return authorization and likely get to wait yet another 2 weeks or more until I find another. Who would've thought it would take me more than a month to buy a stinkin' laptop. Retail prices are really starting to look worth it...


  1. Wow how fun! I'm trying not to be jealous!! (Not successfully.) I love that you accidentally got a lovely anniversary cake! Hmmm...a yummy (virgin) Pina Colada!?

  2. I find it a bit humorous that the canopy on the mule-drawn cart was advertising a cell phone company...


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