Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Applause and Raves and a Recipe

So if I ever attempt home-made biscuits again, I will be making these:

These beauties are courtesy of my sister-in-law Hali. She kindly made us breakfast Sunday morning. These bad boys are light, fluffy and flaky. The great secret? The biscuit recipe on the back of Publix self-rising flour. Too funny! Although this is not where she first got it, it's an easy way to find it now.

A couple tips- make sure all your ingredients are as cold as possible. Helps with rising. Also, don't twist the cutter (or rim of the drinking glass if you're like me) when cutting the biscuits. It seals off the tiny air pockets and doesn't allow them to rise as much.

And someday I'll be lucky enough to make some of this to go with it:
Mmm mmm sausage gravy

Also, I just want to give a "shout out" for the excellent customer service I received today. If you read my previous post, you know about my issues with the new laptop. I sent an email to their customer service Friday night but with the long weekend and time change I hadn't gotten a response yet. So I called this morning and the gentleman who answered the phone was extremely pleasant and sorry for the delay. He stated they would have all their e-mails returned by the end of the day. When I explained the problem he stated they would be happy to fix it. He really seemed concerned about the problem. Within 20 minutes I had a prepaid return shipping label in my inbox.
He told me I was now part of their "customer family and we will make it right." He told me my options would be exchange, repair if possible and reship (only if I consented) or full refund. I told him the ordeal I've been through and that I really wanted an exchange if possible.
I then got a return phone call letting me know they did have another of my item in stock and as soon as the UPS tracking number showed that my return was in transit they would ship the replacement to me! Yay!
So hopefully I'll only be waiting another week or so to be back in business!
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  1. Mom gave me recipe straight from the bag lol:)

  2. My sis makes amazing sausage gravy and I just can't get it right! Boo.


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