Wednesday, October 12, 2011

SO WHAT! Wednesday 10-12-11

So what if I take a break from "So Whatting" to brag on my husband!

My husband is so thoughtful and pays attention! I asked for my romance, and I so got it!

Monday when I left my ladies' bible study, I opened my car door to find a bouquet of flowers and a love card! It's an hour round trip to bible study, and I would be coming straight home. He could have just had them waiting at the house for me. But he took the time and effort to drive out there just to leave them in my car while we were meeting. I was so surprised!

Then when I got home there were 2 more cards taped to our front door. Another card from him and one from the dogs. The dogs card was so funny!

Then when I opened the door, rose petals made a path and candles were lit. The dogs had been put to bed and all was quiet. It was so lovely!

So I just wanted to share, because it's certainly worth sharing!!!!!

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  1. Alright now!!! Your hubby is alright in my book ")


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