Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Weekend Update 10-08-11

It's almost hump day! This week is going quickly it seems. I hope that keeps up til Friday at noon and then slows waaaay down! :)

This FRIDAY we attended a housewarming for a good friend (and former bridesmaid) of mine, Hayley. I went over to her house a bit early to “gussy her up” as I like to call it. I made sure to also polish her nails. Little did she know all this was in preparation for a big surprise! Her fiancĂ© drove 14 hours from Texas to pop in on her at the party and deliver her engagement ring! They actually got engaged without a ring, and Hayley thought she was going to have to wait until Thanksgiving to get it (it was custom made). But all of her friends and family have known for like 6 weeks that she was getting it at her fall party! And he proposed again, formally, with the ring. She was BEYOND shocked. It was so sweet. She just kept saying “Seriously? Seriously? How did you get here? Is this for real?” So cute.  It was also the first time that most of us had met her fiancĂ©, Isaac. It was good to meet him before the wedding which we’ll be driving 12 hours to go to (and be in!) in March. They will wed just 3 days before our second anniversary!

SATURDAY I went out to a few yard sales myself. John went Friday and spent a good deal of the week’s budget on some good finds so he didn’t need to go Saturday. Well, I woke up bored around 8am so I decided I’d venture out alone to browse. I’m so glad I did because I found a lot of good deals on clothing for myself, John and also some for a friend. Then we also went to a charity auction at a local church. They were raising money for the tornado victims in Alabama. 
The rest of the day we vegged.
SUNDAY after church my grandma  came over for lunch. Then I took a much needed nap. I was so tired! Not sure why. I also hung our new "headboard". Free is best! I really do like it.
Very modern

To finish off the weekend John and I enjoyed a nice walk through our neighborhood and enjoyed the cool air.

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