Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Update 10-02-11

Monday is here, and I'm likely rubbing my eyes and wishing I drank coffee. Mostly because we have such fun on the weekends I'm sad to see them go.

Friday I worked a few hours later than usual. This sometimes happens the last Friday of the month. But I was able to get a lot accomplished with the time that was left. I was able to get our new drawer hardware attached after purchasing new screws of the proper length. I also got ribbon detailing put on the curtains, but I don't like the color in person. The color of the ribbon was too light of a yellow and against the grey it almost looks like a light lime. I'm going to have to go to the fabric or craft store to get the ribbon I want. Another day :) Here's the bedroom progress so far:

I'm really pleased with the new knobs. They're even better in person IMO. I told the hubs it was like our furniture put on a custom tuxedo. Lol.
So really what is left is to make the headboard (we're getting closer since we picked up a jig saw Saturday to make the cuts) and to re-do the ribbon on the curtains.

That evening we had our Pastor and his wife over for dinner. I tried a new recipe for chicken pot pie and John made mashed potatoes. It tasted pretty good. I had to improvise it a bit (but I seem to always do this) because WalMart does not carry canned corn chowder, which is what the recipe called for. I'd like to make it again by the book. But maybe add a bottom crust. I really like that in a pot pie. Anyway we had lots of funny stories and learned more about our church and the families there. We are hoping to have our Sunday School class over for dinner sometime this fall.

Saturday I deemed "yard-sale-a-palooza". The temp dropped here this weekend and so everyone and their brother was taking advantage of not having to sweat to death while selling their stuff. We went to about 3 or 4 neighborhood yard sales and several individual ones. We did not even put a small dent in the map of yard sales. In fact we kinda stayed on our side of town. It's days like this I wish there was 3 or 4 of me so I could make them all. Never know what you might be missing!!! Here's my loot, minus the jig saw ($7) and the metal tool box ($3). I didn't really think you'd want to see a picture of those.
It came up to a pretty big total this week- especially for a yard sale- $50.75. But they were all pretty great deals!

The rest of Saturday was pretty relaxed. A nap for John, some light housework for me. And as I was blogging Paula Deen came on the Food Network. Dash her!!! Everything she makes looks so so delicious and so so fattening. This is the recipe she was making: Orange Brownies. In fact it was a whole show with different brownies from different Food Network hosts. TORTURE.
This weekend I also used our nice camera for the first time in a good while. It was so nice. I'm going to try and pull it out more often. Here's what I captured:
So as you can see the new computer is up an running. So much faster and easier to deal with. I also got a new mat ($5!) for the back door and my annuals are doing really well. The first batch I planted failed miserably. I don't think they could handle the sun even though they were supposed to. It seems Marigolds and Mums are a bit more hardy.

Sunday we had a wonderful church service. The presence of Jesus was there so strong. We had in a mother daughter family trio and they harmonized so beautifully. I'm always impressed with people who sound good a capella. They also sang with instruments. I was surprised that I enjoyed the music as it had a bit of Southern gospel flair which I've never really enjoyed. Sunday was relaxing. We ate, played with the dogs, napped, watched a movie and I worked on the menu for the coming week. We ended it peacefully as a weekend should be.

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