Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Update 10-15-11

Happy Monday all!

This weekend was pretty darn nice!

FRIDAY was spent doing things around the house, grocery shopping, going to Lowe's etc. Then my sweet hubby made us dinner. We had delicious fried Speckled Trout and a baked potato. My dad brought us the fish when he visited in July and we are just now cooking it. I had not had fried fish in some time and it tasted so delicious!

SATURDAY we went out on our weekly yard sale hunt. I've been doing some buying for a friend of mine and was able to get her some really great things to add to her wardrobe. I also got a few things for myself.
Hanging in the sun to dry. Green purse, PJs, brown sweater and blue shirt for me. The rest for a friend.
 I really love the purse, the deep green cable knit will be great for fall and winter. I also got some silk black and white polka dot PJs, a brown short sleeve sweater, no button style with a ruffle along the opening and a basic dark teal long sleeve shirt with a button and ruffle detail.
The jean jacket and grey sweater are for a friend. The coral and lavender sweater sets for me (for work). I know they're kinda grandma! Just for work.
Saturday was a busy day! I made lunch (fried fish repeat) while John put together a wood rack. Then I helped him unload a truck bed full of cut trees into the wood rack. We were fortunate to get firewood for free this year since a friend cut down several trees. But we do have to let it dry out and then John has to split it. I watched him do this some already and it is seriously hard work!
In the evening we visited my friend and she tried on all the things I'd collected. All but one fit her! She was so happy and grateful to get new things and it made me happy to give them!
This weekend was also our city's annual Greek Festival. So the three of us headed there for dinner. It was tasty! I had a gyro and some Greek fries. But the best by far was the dessert tent. I had a Baklava sundae that was so so tasty! John had "pasta" which is actually a desert, and it was really good too! I don't think they have any bad desserts!

SUNDAY after church I made lunch, this time trying out a recipe, Sesame Chicken. I love her site! A side of basmati rice rounded it out. We recently just tried this type of rice and I really like the flavor and texture. I also made a recipe, pumpkin cinnamon rolls. Also a hit! The day had warm but bearable weather, and I spent the afternoon outside playing with the dogs, clipping their nails, giving baths etc.
I ended the day by watching our wedding ceremony DVD again. It's been about a year since I watched it last and I was feeling nostalgic. Yes, I did cry, but I also laughed. It was so wonderful to watch, and to think about our kids being able to watch it someday. I'm really glad we filmed it.

Sunday our Pastor said he hoped by this time next year we'd have 6 babies in church. Even if that meant one couple had to have triplets. Lol. I sure hope the triplets won't be us!

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  1. Sounds nice -- sometimes I miss the days when it was just me, hubby and the dogs (we had two dogs when we were first married, Cocoa & Cola)!


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