Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Update 10-22-11

Hi all!

Overall I had a pretty great weekend! Did a lot of fun things and got a lot accomplished.

FRIDAY night I went with a friend to Gallery Night downtown. The air was crisp and cool and we (and almost every other fashionable female) seized the opportunity to break out the boots and scarves.
I tried to rock the tights-with-shorts look. I call it "Bohemian Cowgirl" lol

We ate really great Mexican food and sampled a few treats at a new bakery. Their cake bites were tasty tasty but their mini cupcakes were yuck! In one of the areas they were having an almost mini-Hispanic-festival. We stood and watched for several minutes as couples showed off their moves on the dance floor. I used to do those same dances and I must admit I felt very sad that I couldn't participate. But alas, you can't have your cake and eat it too. My husband has a lot of wonderful qualities. Dancing is not one of them. He will do some slow numbers with me on very special occasions because he loves me. But going out dancing for fun will probably not ever be on our to-do list.

SATURDAY I was a complete bum until about 1pm. As in stayed in my robe and slippers and took a 90 minute nap and watched TV and ate. It was great.
         Me and Ernie slobbin-it-up. It's a hard life my dogs live                                                                                                To clarify- I'm not nakey :)

Then I was really productive til about 5:15. I cleaned our garage. It was a COMPLETE disaster. Like made me angry to look at it disaster. Anyway, I got it taken care of. And that made me feel good.
Before- and this was after I cleared one path



Left side

Right side
After a really quick clean-up I rushed off to meet a friend and go to hear Chris Tomlin and the "And if our God is for us" tour. It was ah-maze-ing! The presence of God was so strong. The crowd joined right in on every number and really it was just a big worship session. I was blessed to have won tickets- but even if I paid it would have been worth every penny. It always such a blessing to see a Christian artist live and know that they are genuine and it's not just showbiz and hype.
Before it started. We had pretty good (free!) seats

A big worship session. I love all his music.

It was dark, but we were having fun
SUNDAY after church my grandma came over for lunch. We chatted a bit and then I spent the rest of the day running errands and cleaning. And I read some more of my new book from the library. I love a good book. I stayed up til 1am Saturday night reading it. Rarely do I read 138 pages in one sitting, but it was really enthralling.

I leave you with a little proof that I am never alone- not even in the bathtub
Here's to hopes that the work week flies by!!!!


  1. Oh my gosh! Seeing Chris Tomlin would be awesome! Now I need to turn on my Groove Shark and listen to some tunes :)

  2. Sounds like a perfect weekend, girls night, getting organized, chillin' with the dogs and some spirituality, too!

  3. "Bohemian Cowgirl" I love it!!!!! I'm going to try it!!! O' and when I saw your picture with you and the pups' in the bed, I started thinking..."she looks nakey" and then I read your comment which tickled the heck out of me!

    Love you, miss you " )

  4. I'm pretty impressed with the garage cleaning! I hate projects like that.


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