Monday, January 23, 2012

I would ask that you all say a little prayer

For some friends of ours, who've had their photos and initials on my blog before.

They were so excited to found out their were having their first baby, only to find out today that there was no heartbeat.
It has been a hard 2 weeks for them. "S" had her first appointment very early, around 4-5 weeks, and when she went back for her first appointment where they were supposed to hear the heartbeat, they were told there was a problem. The heart was only beating intermittently and the rate was much too slow. They told her they did not expect the baby to survive. Her body was not giving up the baby though and we all said many prayers and held out hope.
A week later the ultrasound revealed that there were no changes, including no growth.
Today, they were told that there was no longer any heartbeat at all.

"S" will be taking medications to compel her body to expel the "missed" or "silent" miscarriage. This refers to when the baby is not living but the body has not yet expelled it.

With her permission I'm asking all of you to say a prayer. That pain would pass quickly and there would be no permanent physical effects from this.

I know another blog I read experienced this same thing, only she chose to wait for her body to expel the pregnancy naturally, and it took six weeks for that to happen. "S" just does not think she can endure that waiting right now. I don't blame her. I just wish things were different for her.

Doing a little research, I learned that one in five detected pregnancies ends this way. And the risk of first trimester miscarriage is very high. But "S" and her hubby were just not prepared for this. They had no family history of miscarriage and I don't think ever imagined this would happen.

So pray that they would be able to walk through this hand in hand with Jesus.


  1. Prayers sent... It happened to my sister in law (who now has 4 kids).

  2. I will be praying for your friend and her husband.


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