Thursday, January 5, 2012

Why I avoid the mall

Because I spend money there! Now mind you, still only on deals, but more than I would have spent at WalMart or yard sales. Lol.
I am glad I purchased my coat though.
You see, I ran in to use some long-lost gift cards I'd reclaimed not too long ago. The store they are for was having a big sale. So after "free" shopping there, I noticed that between me and the exit stood Old Navy. Old Navy, faithful Old Navy. The same store I've shopped at since my mid-teens. I remember when it opened. Decent clothes at decent prices (on sale). With an "up to 75% off" sign in their window. And very un-crowded.

So I said "What the heck?! I don't even remember the last time I actually came in the mall" and popped in.

In the second section I found her. A double-breasted wool coat. In a fabulous color I've dubbed "Poppy". And the little sign that made up her head said "60% off". "What's the harm in looking?" I thought. She was the only one left. She was my size. Into my arms she came.
I was a little unsure of her at first. She was so bold. Would she be too loud?

After a brief scan of the rest of the store, and snagging a pair of flats, off to the dressing room I went.

I just slipped her on right there, in front of the mirror. Her structure complimented mine well. And then we fell in love. And I decided to give up some "discretionary" funds for her. When I took her and her love child (beaded flats) to the register, I only had to pay $45 for both (coat was 35-ish). And then our bond was sealed.

I can't wait for it to get cold again.

The grey in the center is actually strings and strings of silver beads


  1. LOVE it...great color on you! (Come to could wear it every day!)

  2. Love the coat! I need a new one. I'll have to go online and see what they have.


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