Sunday, January 15, 2012

What I crafted over Christmas

So I know I mentioned in November/December that I did some crafting.
I did not want to post about it until now because some of them were Christmas presents.

Anyway, the inspiration for this came when my friend (who's also a bride to be) and I were at an arts fair of sorts, and a young woman was there selling hand-crafted accessories, mostly hair things, pins and clutches. They were really pretty and really expensive (for a hair accessory anyway). However, we both agreed it would be a great thing for us to wear as bridesmaids.

At first I thought we could just buy them cheaper, on eBay or something. Then I realized that they could not be too difficult to make. A quick internet search and I found these to be the top three results:

And off I set to make some fabric rosettes. I've actually only used the method in the first link, as it looked the easiest. But I've made several hair pieces and put them on bobby pins, clips and headbands. And I've turned 3 or so into lapel pins.

It's really easy, and cute. You should try it! If you've got any scrap fabric laying around, it's good to experiment. I found thin slippery fabric don't work well, unless you add another fabric to bulk it up.

You can get headbands at Dollar Tree 3/$1. And the pin backs and metal "barrette" clips I got in the craft section at WalMart, 25/$2. Since you only need a very small amount of fabric it's inexpensive to buy. Te remnants bin is a good place to look. A friend suggested even cutting up old clothes. T-shirt material does work well because it doesn't fray easy. Makes for a more clean rosette. But fraying can also make it look "shabby chic".

If you try it, let me know!

3 each for 4 bridesmaids.

Some I made for myself

A headband

While going through my headbands- I realized my collection may be a bit excessive


  1. Ok, I want to see pictures of your creations!! I loved your feather headband that you got for Christmas, too.

  2. Beautiful! Morgan makes the bobby pins also. Love the headband!


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