Thursday, January 12, 2012

Product Review- Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips

Hi guys-

I've been wanting to blog, but this has been a busy week. Shoving my "busy" thoughts aside to jot this down real quick on my lunch break.

This review is just my own thoughts, no endorsements.

I got Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips for Christmas. I'd been wanting to try them but too cheap to fork over $8.50. I could almost get a manicure for that!
But, the allure was the cool patterns and that they could last "up to 10 days".
You see, I have a big problem with nail polish. Inevitably I chip or in some way mar my polish. Usually within 48 hours. Sometimes within a few hours. I've tried lots of top coats to remedy this. No real winners.

So, I decided to try these just before New Year's. I have to say, they were more complicated to apply than just good 'ole polish. But since it was my first time I cut them some slack.

The positives are: You can get cool patterns that are impossible with a manicure. They stay nice and shiny. They given an even coverage look (no shade variations nail to nail). There's no risk or ruining your surroundings with polish. When they do chip it's a little harder to tell because of the pattern (if you choose a patterned one).

The negatives are: They are pretty expensive compared to polish. It's a pain peeling the strips off and lining them up just so to your nail. They still chip after a few days and there's no "re-touching" them like polish. They seem to catch and snag easily. Like if you run your fingers through your hair a hair can get "under" the edge of the strip and snag. The tips can be a little rough at first and snag.

So IMHO- I think they are nice for special occasions where you want a certain pattern or look. But as an "All the time" thing to keep up your nails- too expensive and does not wear any longer than polish.

But the second set I tried, hounds tooth, was perfect for this night:

And then I could wear them for the rest of the week, since we won! :)
I put them on Sunday afternoon and took them off this morning after they chipped yesterday, beyond what I consider acceptable. In fact notice in the picture above the top right of my pointer finger had already chipped by Monday night. I repaired it with white polish and a black marker.

So all in all, fun but not worth the cost for the most part.

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  1. Thanks for this! I've been wondering if they were worth the price. Like you, I can't usually keep a polish job longer than the day I do them (or get them done). I'm always sad to see that first chip...and then I start peeling it off.

    On the flip time you go for a mani, ask about gel polish. It might be a little pricier then if you did regular polish (my place discounts the cost if I get it done with a mani as apposed to just a polish change), but for me it's amazing!! I got mine done on Saturday after getting my fakes off. I have one tiny little chip on my left pointer finger and it's really only because the nail under the polish is fragile from the fakes that the nail chipped and not he actual polish. I've done the gel before and it usually doesn't chip. It grows out like I have on fakes. And they come in all sorts of plain and glitter colors.


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