Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend Update- 01-14-12

Hi guys-
I had a great weekend! But I have 0 to show for it! Because I did not take a single photo!

I drove about 3 hours away to visit my long-time friend and former bridesmaid- "E". And her hubby. But we basically had a girls weekend with lots of talking and catching up.

I got to meet several of their friends the first night- when they all came over for homemade pizza. They were so tasty- the chicken alfredo was my favorite- and I ate about 4 pieces over the weekend!

We also visited the gym at my Alma Mater- FSU. We took a step aerobics class with a tiny nutrition major thing smiling blonde Nazi, Kayla. It's been about 2+ years since I've done step and it was quite a challenge. Thankfully I did not pass out and embarrass myself in front of the 20 year olds :) Today my calves are finally pretty much back to normal.

We also enjoyed some great "light" meals- thank to my friend and I'm making SantaFe chicken this week I liked it so much.

I was also able to finally replace my poor worn-out and threadbare FSU Nursing t-shirt. Thank you FSU Bookstore. I don't like the colors and style as much as my 4-yr old original, but it will certainly do.

Today we mostly did errands- both away and at home. We rode bikes- which is way harder for me than it likely should be.

And as we speak mini-meatloafs are in the oven!

Happy Monday!
Before Baking

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