Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend Update 01-07-12

Hi ho all!

I don't really have pictures of this weekend. But it marked the end of the holidays officially. I took down our tree. Sad to see it go, but man was it dry and prickly. Not the most fun to handle.
And of course that officially meant it was time to pack and organize all the deco and haul it back into the attic. Not fun.
And because I'm impatient and we don't own a ladder, I found an alternative way to get the lights off the roof. The clips we used to attach them just slide right off. So I grabbed one end of the line and started pulling. It actually worked quite well, and no people or lights were harmed.

Satuday I did score a really good deal. One lady was getting rid of a lot of her Christmas deco. My only objective for after-Christmas shopping was accomplished after all. All the stores were sold out of discount lights before we arrived. But this lady had 3 large tubs of lights- even wrapped onto cord keepers, which I got for $11. We now have like literally 20 strings of white lights on green wire. And like 10 strings of white on white icicles. And they all work!

So by the time I got it all organized, wrapped, labeled and separated (our stuff and mom's stuff separated), there were 9 tubs of Christmas. Wow. And four artificial trees (different sizes), and a lighted snowman. And 2 wreaths. And a lot of gift-wrap supplies. Whew. Thankfully I had John to hand it all up to me then I'd scurry into the attic to put it away. I was sweating though.

Saturday night we had friends over for dinner. Another set of preggo friends :) It was nice because I had not seen the momma to be since their announcement. And it was nice because John handled dinner since I was organizing and then needed a shower ASAP :)

Sunday I completed operation Christmas take-down. Along with operation laundry and operation clean kitchen. Lol.
Sunday night after church we stayed for our "Fitness Group" that our Pastor started. Month one mandates are going well so far. Making healthier choices feels good. We're not allowed to weight until Feb 1 so I won't know results until then. But the focus of the group is health, not weight loss. That's just a benefit (hopefully).

Happy New Year!

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  1. Sounds like you are all organized for a healthy new year!


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