Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Weekend Update 01-28-12

So this weekend was mostly focused around Showers for my good friend and bride-to-be, "H"

Since Valentine's is fast approaching, the shower was focused around all think pink, red and hearts!
Dollar Tree, you are my friend for all the deco. It would have been great if I could have gone all-out and handmade or ordered lots of great things from Etsy and inspired by Pinterest, but I just did not have the time or funds.

The bride was pleased and that's what matters. We had lots of yummy food, including fondue! And in the spirit of making it a quintessential Southern affair- I had pasta salad and cucumber sandwiches. The latter was really quite popular with the guests. The bride's sister/MOH was also a great help and brought some amazing hot spinach and artichoke dip. I'm thankful she has kids and therefore had an easel, so I did not have to buy a big pad of paper for Bridal Pictionary :)

yummy fondue

a little bit closer now. strawberries, apples and coconut marshmallows

a wonderful friend of the bride made the cake

and another good friend made the punch

i may have gone a little pink crazy

everyone gathered round for games

it took a round or two, but they caught on

reading sweet cards

I did still go yard-saleing this weekend. I found a few cute things, including 2 dress shirts for John, a purse for me and 2 nice shades of OPI nail lacquer for $1!
I have to say, I'm 2 days into the OPI and it does seem to wear better than others. Only some minor chips and the infamous thin white line across the tip of the nail where it has worn off.

For those of you who've showed concern- my friend "S" is doing much better. She and her husband are strong people. I think they are cautiously looking forward to the next child the Lord will bless them with. I hope it will be soon.

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  1. How awesome that you could capitalize on Valentine's decor for the bridal shower! Love the twisty decor around the mantel, too! ;)


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