Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekend Update 01-21-12

This weekend was filled with lots of couch potato time. We got a few Redbox free rental codes, so we ended up watching...

Dolphin Tale- very heartwarming and yes, I cried. I like inspirational movies that just leave you feeling better about life. It also reminded me that at one point in life, I wanted to be a Marine Biologist and work with dolphins too. After this movie I still think it would have been a fun and rewarding job.

Courageous- I cannot say how much I loved this movie! I just cried and cried. Over and over. So heart-wrenching. The only problem I think is- I may have a really high expectation for fathers and husbands now. The way these men are portrayed in the movie sets the bar very high. I don't necessarily think wishing all men were like this is a problem, I just think it would be a problem if I became contemptuous towards them when they're not. I do think society as a whole would greatly benefit from watching the movie and taking the principle to heart and hands (aka action).

Abduction- I'm so glad to have our Clearplay so we can filter movies we otherwise would not view. This action flick was pretty decent. It kind of follows the predictable plot line a lot of action/CIA/spy movies have. But it does have a lot of action and the actors were pretty decent, so we enjoyed it.

Other than that my only notable accomplishments for the weekend were cooking and exercising. We had some really tasty roast beef sandwiches on Saturday night thanks to Skinnytaste
It's amazing how much flavor a small amount of cheese can add when it's a very strong cheese. Never once have I bought a wedge of "high end" cheese until this week. I do have to admit the store was out of Parmesan wedges so I got Asiago.

Saturday I did something I've not done in a long time- I went to the gym, on a Saturday! And I did two classes in a row. First was yoga, only it was beginner yoga. It was pretty lame. That's why it sealed the deal that I would stay for a second class. I can see that the yoga would be good for introduction- as per the instructor, "so people aren't scared of it." I guess the thought of doing yoga intimidates some. Anyway, the instructor was pretty crazy. She talked a LOT (something I'm not used to in yoga) and she made a lot of corny jokes and analogies. She did have nice peaceful music. I'm just to yoga being more peaceful and subdued, and a bit more challenging. I doubt I burned 50 calories in her class.
So I stayed for "Extreme Swiss Ball", which is a moderate intensity toning class. It incorporates the use of the yoga (Swiss) ball into each exercise. I really appreciate the support of it during push-ups and ab work, both things that can put and undue amount of stress on the body. Of course it does make the work a little less challenging, but on the other hand you don't feel like you're going to die!

And now, I'm laying here on the couch on a typical Sunday afternoon. John is watching football, and I'm blogging.

I did also finish some crafts this week- and so I added photos to m craft post, found here. Check it out!

Oh, I did give in and join Pinterest this week. I said I wasn't going to, but I was hitting a wall trying to find party game ideas for a shower I'm hosting next week. I've already created 3 boards. But I'm not following anyone yet!

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