Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Weekend Update 02-26-11

What a fabulous sunny weekend! I was itching to leave work and be outside.

Friday afternoon we took the kiddos to our city's "Dog Beach". There were soooo many dogs there! They had a wonderful time barking at and running after Dobermans, Boxers, Labs and Pits. Lol. Poor Ernie has no perception of size. Thankfully the big dogs just take it. I don't think they feel threatened by our 17 pound dogs :)
It was such a lovely afternoon. John was able to just sit and enjoy. I was able to force the kids into the water. They still don't like swimming :) I made friends with a black lab who had me play fetch like 50 times. But I didn't mind watching him swim out to get the ball. He had a mini Dachshund for a little sister who would swim out and follow him. It was so cute!

Mom, it's hot!

My new friend "Mojo" fetching the ball

Dogs vying for Mojo's ball

Mojo's sister Maggie. First Doxie I've seen swim voluntarily
I was snapping some random pics, and this guy came up to the bench so I snapped his. His owner had me email it to her. Made me feel a little proud :) She says he's impossible to get on camera

Then Saturday night we went to great-grandma's for dinner and grandma and her new pup were there too. Graycie, Eby and Ernie have learned to get along for the most part. Eby still wants to be Alpha-dog, but Graycie has learned to dish out some rough play in return :)

Saturday morning I was able to go to the beach for a little less than an hour. I would gave stayed longer but a freak storm blew in. No rain, but a thick blanket of clouds and low-hanging fog opaque as pea soup. Before that it was a sunny day with a cool breeze.
Then in the afternoon we attended the wedding of two friends. They have known each other even longer than we have. The groom was one of John's groomsmen. It was fun to watch because although there has been attraction for some time, he asked her out on their first date in December. Oh, and he proposed too. That's right. On the first date. : ) Good thing they'd been close friends for some time! They were married two months later, last Saturday.

Right after their fist kiss ever!
Saturday night we got home and just rested.
Sunday- got to sit with the hubby in church again. I'm sure it will be the last time for a good while since he returns to work Tuesday.
We had lunch on the deck of a restaurant right on the bay with another newlywed couple and a single friend. It was a very nice time.
Sunday late afternoon and evening we went to the dog beach again! I can see us going a lot as the weather warms. Then we came home and I bathed the kids and did some housework (very interesting, I know!).

Can you believe our 1 year anniversary is Sunday? I can't! I guess now we can't be called newlyweds. But we surely still are in heart! We are planning to spend the night away Sunday and have dinner at the Melting Pot. We'll be off work Monday and just chill. And eat 1 year old wedding cake. It's being pulled out to thaw today!

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