Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Living room re-do and need to re-do

So yesterday our good friends came and bought our furniture from us! So glad to have more room in the living room. Now that I've had a color change (red furniture is gone) and have a smaller scale couch and chair, I think re-arrangement of the wall decor is in order.

I think the walls are too busy with small things. I would like fewer pieces that make more of an impact.

I did re-arrange the furniture.



I moved the entertainment center out from the corner and put the bean bag there instead. The large photo to the left of it is now off center. I think the mirrors over the chair are too small and busy. The fireplace is also busy- 7 photos on the wall and multiple smaller items on the mantle. I also have two small-ish display shelves over the couch.

My problem is- moving the large print and the shelves means more holes in the wall as these have to have screws. As a renter holes are a big issue. More to patch and paint when we leave. So I am reluctant to move these.

I also don't want to get rid of the small decorator items I have out, but I don't really have anywhere to store them. The office is in use as you saw on my previous post :) I already had to take about 5 things off the wall in the office.

I'd really like to put this lovely somewhere- but it would mean another hefty nail hole.
I'd like to put it over the fireplace or the couch. Fireplace would be easy. Couch would mean moving shelves.

Your comments are suggestions are appreciated!

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