Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend update times two

So I never posted about last weekend. And now I can't remember what all we did  :)

I do know that we went yard-sailing. Or worked, in John's case :) I got just a few things:
Super cute overnight bag. The color is a little off in the pic. The polka dots are light green. $2.50

I think this was supposed to be a beach bag. But I'm using it as a purse this week.  $2.50

3 sets of earbuds, thoroughly Lysoled, $0.25. Pink windbreaker in a bag, $1. I told DH this is for when we hike the Grand Canyon someday :) The hairband is mine :)

This weekend was: church Friday night, estate auction Saturday, church Sunday.
Saturday DH did not want to rise as early as YSLs require :) So we went to an on-site estate auction. A realtor bought a home with stuff left behind. So all the contents plus some extra items from other sellers was auctioned off.
I once again learned, I am not a big fan of auctions. Especially not outdoor ones in the heat. I do like that you can sometimes get some great things at low prices. But sitting through the auctioning of tons of items you are not interested in is quite tedious. We arrived at this particular one about 9:15 and I left John there sometime a little before noon. I had enough. When I went to pick him up at about 2, I also picked up our new couch and chair that he bought for $100! That's right, out with the old. In with the new-to-us. :)
We didn't pick it because of serious design-love. We got it because it's leather and easy to clean and I won't have to constantly have blankets over our furniture to minimize the dog hair and dirt tracking of little paws.

Unfortunately that made us have two sets of living room furniture in an 1100 sf apartment! Thank goodness the new owners are coming to get our old stuff tomorrow, as right now my living room looks like this:
So cozy, don't ya think?
We also purchased three shelving units for $10 at the auction. Just pressed board bookshelves, but they have helped us transform the eBay/office/laundry room. I don't have a before of the awful mess it was. But taking out the chair to our living room set and adding shelves gave us SO much more space. Now when I open the door I smile, instead of rolling my eyes :)
View from the door
View from the corner of the room. With space to grow!
Saturday evening we spent an hour or so hanging out at my friend's pool. The water is still icy though! We also watched a documentary that was recommended to me, Temple Grandin. It is about an autistic woman who made great advances in the treatment of cattle. Claire Danes does a wonderful acting job as the lead. 
We had church this morning, and now I am home blogging. It seemed the thing to do since DH is watching the "finals" online of his computer game (Star Craft 2) that he plays. Oh what fun. For him.

But I may be saved yet. My mom just texted me about a rendezvous at the dog park. Cause Lawd knows I do NOT want to sit around the house all afternoon when such great weather is right outside my window. This is the kind of weather for sharing with people, not being holed-up in your house staring at a computer screen!

I was saved! We had a nice time at the dog park and also took some photos. Most were rejected by the subject, but I am posting a few of my faves.

My beautiful momma. Lookin' down right fabulous. Can you believe she's over 50? (Now she'll kill me)
Saw a friend of ours and her dog Buddy

Eby enjoying running free

Cousin Graycie

Ernie's face looks like a madman. He was just hot and tired :)
Happy Monday everyone!


  1. A. your mom is drop-dead gorgeous. and B. you look just like her so C. you are almost guaranteed to be that hot when you're 50 -plus. D.Hugs-hw.

  2. I hope you are right Hali! I would be fortunate for sure! (BTW she didn't get upset since I said she looks fabulous!) :)


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